Is a gambit a move in chess?

Updated: 10/4/2023
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A gambit is not any specific move. Rather, it is a type of move. A gambit is a move which apparently sacrifices material (generally a pawn). It is played in order to have a long-term strategic advantage which makes up for the short-term material loss.

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Q: Is a gambit a move in chess?
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How do you use word gambit in a sentence?

The Queen's gambit is a well known move in chess.

What is a sentence for the word gambit?

He is great player. He is known for his Gambit.

What has the author Tony Kosten written?

Tony Kosten has written: 'The Latvian Gambit Lives!' 'Latvian gambit' -- subject(s): Chess, Collections of games, Latvian gambit (Chess)

Gambit is a term related with which game?


What is an opening move in chess in which a piece is sacrificed an action whose intent is not immediately clear but which is made to produce an intended future advantage?

A gambit.

What is the definition for gambit?

A type of strategy, often used in chess.

What has the author Bernard Cafferty written?

Bernard Cafferty has written: 'A complete defence to 1 d4' -- subject(s): Queen's gambit (Chess) 'Tal's Hundred Best Games (Hardinge Simpole Chess Classics)' 'Play the Evans gambit' -- subject(s): Evans gambit (Chess) 'Tal's 100 Best Games'

In chess when you do a king's gambit how do you continue the king's gambit if your opponent doesn't move the pawn to E5 at the very beginning after you move your pawn to E4?

The kings gambit is an opening characterised by the moves e4, e5, f4. It is the end position after these three moves which makes the opening the kings gambit. If the opponent does not initially comply, for example by playing the french defence e6, then the kings gambit cannot be played. Nevertheless, you may still be able to transpose into a kings gambit in some lines, for instance e4 d6 nc3 e5 f4.

What has the author John L Watson written?

John L. Watson has written: 'Occupants of the old graveyard and miscellaneous poems and songs' 'Queen's gambit, Chigorin defence' -- subject(s): Collections of games, Queen's gambit (Chess), Chess 'Play the French' -- subject(s): Openings, Chess

Where can you learn to use the Queen's Gambit chess opening for free?

I suggest using 365chess.

What has the author Henry Grob written?

Henry Grob has written: 'Englund Gambit' -- subject(s): Chess

What is a really good opening in chess?

sicilian dragon is really useful if you're playing black but if you are playing white, I would suggest the queen's gambit, king's gambit, or the kings indian defense