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Q: Is a fox flat footed toe runner or a nail runner?
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When was White-footed fox created?

White-footed fox was created in 1854.

How has terry fox made a difference?

Terry fox was a great runner

How has Terry Fox made a differnce?

godd runner........

What animal starts with re?

Reindeer Red fox Red Eared Sliders Red Footed Tortoise Red Tailed Boasred panda

Does Sandra smith from fox news smoke?

No. She's a runner and former track star at LSU.

Who was runner up to Linda Lee Mead Miss America 1960?

The 1st runner up at the 1960 Miss America pageant was Mary Alice Fox, Miss Wisconsin.

What mammal starts with F?

· Falcon · Fawn · Finch · Fire Ants · Firefly · Flea · Flamingo · Flounder · Fly · Flying fish · Fox · Frog · Fruit Fly

How fast can a grey fox run?

a gray fox can run up to 39mph thank you

Who were the runners up for Miss America 1960?

The winners and runner ups at the 1960 Miss America pageant were:Winner: Lynda Lee Mead, Miss Mississippi1st runner up: Mary Alice Fox, Miss Wisconsin2nd runner up: Sharon Joyce Vaughn, Miss Washington3rd runner up: Susan Diane Bronson, Miss California4th runner up: Patricia Anne Allebrand, Miss Arizona

Can the red fox cross mountains?

Individual mountains, certainly. They are pretty sure footed and can deal with rocks and snow. Deserts oddly enough would be more of a problem, depending on how hot it was and how wide it was.

Do coyotes eat road runners?

a red fox does eat the roadrunner and the road runner also eats rabbits that live in the desert

What were Terry Fox's Goals?

terry fox had three goals first one was to inspire people who are living with cancer, 2. raise millions and millions of dollars for cancer research and lastly he wanted to show people anything is possible if you try good luck