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ask your coach i think you can though but make sure its clear not black or anything

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Q: Is a football visor allowed in SC middle school football?
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Is a football visor allowed in high school football?

it should be

Is a tinted football visor allowed to be worn in middle school football?

No, my friend had to take his off and the ref was yelling at him at one of our games..

Can you wear a 20 percent grey visor on your football helment in middle school football?

No has to be clear threw high school

Are dark tinted visors allowed in Texas high school football?

They are not allowed in texas. But you can wear a clear visor.

Is a tinted football visor allowed to be worn in high school football?

Tinted football visors are allowed in most, if not all high school football leagues. Some leagues or divisions require a signed doctor's note to allow the use of a tinted visor, while others don't.

Can you wear a shaded visor on your football helmet in middle school?

nope, clear only, at least in Virginia

Is a tinted football visor allowed to be worn in youth football?

you just have to get a doctors note but people fake it. So, Yea

What is the difference between a clear football visor and a 60 percent grey football visor?

the clear football visor has not color or tint to it. while the 60 percent grey visor has a grey tint to it.

How do you install a football visor?

you dont

If you play on a football team that wears gold and brown at kind of football visor should you wear?

A black or clear visor

Can you wear a smoke visor in high school football?

Yes you can, you could actually wear them in grades 7 and up.

Does a youth football visor fit an adult helemt?

youth visor will not fit in a adult helmet

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