Is a football shell structure?

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Is a basket a frame structure or a shell structure?

It is a shell structure so that it can hold stuff.

Is a car a shell structure?

This depends on the Definition of "Shell Structure" Most laypersons class a car as a shell structure. But for engineering purpose's?

Why is an igloo a frame and a shell structure?

It's a shell. And because it is hallow Inside. A shell structure is a Structure that is strong hollow And light in size.

What is the difference between a shell structure and a frame structure?

A shell structure supports its self and a frame structure does not support it self.

In mollusks the shell is produced by what structure?

The mantle. This structure secretes a hard shell.

What are some examples of structure?

phone, pencilcases, car shell, igloos, football, shell egg, turtle shell, bike, eiffel, bed, window, bridges, chair, bike, book shelf & picture frames.

What type of structure is an igloo?

an igloo is a shell structure since it is not filled it is only a shell

What is the definition of a shell structure?

shell structure is a tine curved parabolic paraboloid structure made with concrete and meshed reinforcement bar.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of frame and shell and solid structures?

advantages of a frame structure: cheap strong disadvantages of a frame structure: expensive advantages of a shell structure: unique strong disadvantages of a shell structure: expensive

What is the opposite of shell?

From the standpoint of structure the opposite of a shell is what is inside the shell, or the interior.In biology, the opposite or reverse structure from a shell is a skeleton. (A shell being an exoskeleton.) On the other hand, the contrasting structure in animals that do not have shells could be the skin, an opposite or alternative type of exterior.

What structure is a backpacking tent?

I think it is a shell structure.

Is a tree a shell structure?


Is a chair a shell structure?


Is there a relation between space truss and shell structure?

There is no relation between space truss and shell structure, a shell structure cannot behave like space truss, the distribution of force in a shell structure behave like a beam or a plate, and space truss behave more like a roof frame

What kind of structure is the sphinx?

the sphinx is a mass/ shell structure

Is a fish bowl a shell structure?

nope its a glass structure...

What structure forms produces the shell of the clam?

The mantle secretes the shell.

What are the three basic types of structures?

mass structure, frame structure and shell structure

Which is sronger shell structure or solid structure?

Solid Structure because a Solid Structure is Solid all the way through and Shell structures are a little bit easier to destory. JAB<3

When do turtles get out of their shells?

A turtles shell is built into bone structure. Parts of the backbone and the ribs, among other bones, make up the inner structure of the shell. This means that it cannot get out of its shell, as the shell is not separate from the body.

Is a cave a shell structure?

yes it is

Is a tunnel a shell structure?


Is a car shell structure?


What is the function of the shell membrane?

The shell membrane is a thin tissue structure upon which the mineralized shell is built.

Frame solid and shell structure?

A frame structure is a structure that is made out of other different things. For example your skeleton is made of all different bones and muscles. A solid structure is a structure that has little or no air in the structure. For example a hockey puck has little or no air into it A shell structure has a moulded shape around it. For example a basket ball is a shell structure by having a moulded shape around it.

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