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No, but it is a prolate spheroid.

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An American football is not well described by a prolate spheroid, though that shape can describe a Rugby ball. An American football is more accurately described as a vesica piscis that has been rotated about it's long axis.

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Q: Is a football an oblate spheroid?
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What is the shape the eath's crust?

oblate spheroid oblate spheroid

Difference between oblate spheroid and spherical?

Spherical is round where oblate spheroid is more like a oval shape

Shape of earth is?

An oblate spheroid.

What is Earth's description?

Oblate spheroid.

How many corners does a oblate spheroid has?


What s is the shape of the earth?

Oblate spheroid

What is the shape of each planets?

oblate spheroid

Is the sun a sphere?

The sun is an oblate spheroid.

If earth is not a perfect sphere then what is it?

Oblate spheroid

How do you say that the earth is round?

umm: "The Earth is round"? ------------------------------------------------ The Earth is not round - it is an oblate spheroid. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- A (slightly) oblate spheroid seems pretty "round" to me.

What does oblate sheriod mean?

You misspelled the second word. Google oblate spheroid and you'll have your answer.

Name given the shape of the earth?

An oblate spheroid.

What length is Jupiter?

Jupiter is an oblate spheroid and as such does not have a length.

What do you think is the shape of the earth?

The earth is an oblate spheroid.

What is the shape of earth best described as?

An oblate spheroid.

What type of structure does the earth have?

The Earth is an oblate spheroid.

What is the three dimensional representation of the earth?

An oblate spheroid.

What is the shape of the planet Earth?

Earth's shape is oblate spheroid.

The earth is a sphere?

It's an oblate spheroid! This is because it has a bulge

Which term best describes the shape of the Earth?

oblate spheroid

What shape is Venus?

Its near enough to a sphere, but to be more accurate it is a squashed sphere, or a spheroid (an oblate spheroid).

What is the name given to the spherical shape of the earth?

The shape of the Earth is very close to that of an oblate spheroid or oblate ellipsoid.

Is the earth spherical?

no! it is actually slightly squashed This is known as an oblate spheroid.

What is the exact shape of earth?

The exact shape of earth is "Oblate spheroid".

What is the difference between a ellipse and an oblate spheroid?

there both gay!! haha