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Yes. A typical third baseman glove is 11.5 to 12 inches and first baseman's gloves are usually between 12 and 14 inches. First baseman's gloves fingers are also webbed differently so it makes it eaiser to catch a ball

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Q: Is a first baseman's glove bigger than a third baseman's glove?
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Can a third baseman use a first basemans mitt?

Brandon Inge on the Detroit Tigers uses a small first basemans glove. Im in high school ball. I can play the infield. And when i play third base i use my mizuno first basemans glove. It helps me from jamming the finger when a hard liner comes straight at you. so i help this helps

Can a third baseman use a first baseman's glove?

It is perfectly within the rules to use a first basemans mitt anywhere on the field. However, there is no advantage in using a first basemans mitt for third other than simply for catching. A third baseman must field more balls batted hard to him than a first baseman. This requires a glove that can not only catch the ball, but be flexible enough to scoop balls from the ground, shallow enough to shovel the occasional ball to second or short, and shallow enough to easily transfer a ball from glove to throwing hand for a throw to first, second or home. None of these traits are inherent in the first basemans glove.

What is the ideal third basemans glove?

For third base, typically, you want a larger infield glove like 11.5 or 11.75. The ball gets on you faster there than shortstop or second, and there are times when as a third baseman, your job is to just knock a ball down, or get a glove on it, so a larger infield glove is more ideal for this.

Why is a first basemans glove bigger than a normal baseball glove?

The first baseman's glove is longer with a deeper pocket and generally not as wide as other infielder's gloves to help them catch balls thrown from the infielders. The majority of plays the second baseman, third baseman, and shortstop make are on ground balls and popups.The majority of playsthe first baseman makes are on throws from another infielder. Thelongerglove gives the first baseman an extra few inches to be able to catch the ball and the shorter width and deeper pocket is for a better grip of the ball once it is caught.

Can a player playing third base use a first base glove?


How do you do the tenth mission on moshi monsters?

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Who was the first Yankees third baseman to win a gold glove?

Graig Nettles (1977)

Which met won his first gold glove award in the 2007 season?

Third baseman David Wright.

Do runners advance when batter hits catchers glove?

when the batter swings and hits the catchers glove it is called catchers interference and the batter goes to first base. so if there are any runners on first or first and second or they are loaded then yes they advance. If the runners are on second or second and third or just third they dont advance because there is an open bag.

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What size baseball glove should you get an 13 year old boy?

This depends on the position he plays. If he is a middle infielder (Shortstop or Second Base), you would want to get him a smaller glove to improve transfer of the ball from the glove to his throwing hand - about 9-10 in. If he plays outfield, the his glove should be much bigger to improve catching ability. This is about 11-12 inches. For a first baseman, buy a first baseman's glove (it will say on the tag) that is about 12 inches or longer. Third baseman's gloves should be about 11 inches. A catchers mitt is basically any catcher's mit you can hold up. Pitcher's should be around 10-11 inches with a thick web (pocket). If your player has never played before, he will probably be playing second base or outfield, and for him a large glove is recommended. For the average 13-year-old, a 9-12 inch glove is proper.

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What size glove is right for a high school third baseman?

I'm a high school third baseman and I use an 11 1/2 inch glove. I would say 12 inches is the largest you would want to go, and 11 would be fine. 11 1/2 is optimal for someone with a normal sized hand -- they can get the ball out fast enough and the ball shouldn't bounce around inside of it. Ive played third base my hole life and just recently bought a bigger mitt...12 3/4 and i love it. I guess its just preference.

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