Is a demarini cf5 comin out?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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hopefully the demarini CF5 is definitely in consideration in the company. They wouldn't make a CF4 if the CF3 wasn't good, right? So since the CF4 is great, they will definitely make a CF5!

Here it is a video review of the Demarini CF5 bat

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Probably, since the others have been so successful.

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Yes there is. Only a couple are left in the entire world. They have been discontinued for more then 8 years. Worth a lot

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Q: Is a demarini cf5 comin out?
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Is the demarini better than than the cf5?

Demarini is a brand of bats and CF5 is one of there newest composite bats.

Is a demarini cf5 coming out?

yes at the end of october.

When does the demarini cf5 come out?

It comes out July 19th 2011

Is the demarini cf5 worth buying?

YES! Greatest bat ever made...

Is the demarini cf5 end loaded?

No...the weight is inserted close to the taper not to the end.

Is the demarini cf5 -8 full composite legal for 13 year old little league Bat is usssa 1.15 approved?


Is the Demarini CF5 an allowed BBCOR baseball bat?

Yes, on the bat there is a small white rectangle that reads "BBCOR Certified .50" or something like that.

What bat has more pop the 2013 Demarini CF5 or the 2013 Voodoo?

It is all down to preference. I have used both bats and see the Voodoo as a slight difference in weight (heavier) but I have also gotten more pop with it. The CF5 will give you much more bat speed. I prefer the Voodoo. It's a great bat with serious pop and increases over time. Good Luck, Hope it Helped! -Dan

Which is better the easton stealth speed or the cf5?

cf5 because i have the easton speed and it has no pop

When was DeMarini created?

DeMarini was created in 1989.

How do you get a good uniform on home run battle?

oh just buy a good one with real money or save up for the demarini vexxum 2012 cuz its epic. if u have the free version get the full version cuz u cant get anything good on free. id reccomend this combo: helmet: silver knights uniform: football player gloves: CF5 pants: gunslinger shoes: gunslinger bat: demarini vexxun 2012/ voodoo black

Where is postal code cf5?