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Sometimes. In coin operated pool tables the cue ball must be "different" in order for it to be returned to play and not captured as the numbered balls are. The original method for this was making a slightly larger cue ball. Today, most coin operated tables use a cue ball with a metal center that is the same size as all other balls on the table. The magnet is used to return the cue ball to the player.

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Q: Is a cue ball bigger then other pool balls?
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Which is bigger a pool ball or a tennis ball?

they are about the same, although you can get mini pool sets with smaller balls.

How many balls are there in pool?

In 8-ball pool, there are 14 object balls, the 8-ball and the cue ball, totalling 16 balls.In 9-ball pool, there are 9 object balls and the cue ball, totalling 10 balls.In Snooker, there are 21 object balls, and the cue ball, totalling 22 balls.

Does 15 pool balls include the cue ball?

No, in 8 ball and straight pool there are fifteen numbered balls plus the cue ball.

What is the difference between the billiard balls used in snooker and the the ones used in pool?

Billiard balls used in snooker tend to be bigger and heavier then the balls used in pool. The billiard ball for instance is often 61.5 mm as opposed to the 57.15 mm for most pool balls.

How many pool balls on a pool table?

Different numbers for different games. 8-Ball has 15 numbered balls and one cue ball. 9-Ball has 9 balls and one cue ball.

How many balls are there in a standard pool game?

depends on the game, most common are 8-ball in which there are player plays1-7, the other plays 9-15,then the 8. the other is 9-ball in which there 9. In 9 ball pool you hit the nine ball in last.10 or 16. The three most common pool games are 8 Ball, 9 Ball and Straight Pool. Both 8 Ball and Straight Pool use 15 numbered balls and the cue ball. In 9 Ball, only the first 9 numbered balls are used plus the cue ball.

What is the lowest ball in pool?

The lowest numbered ball in pool is the 1 ball. Pool does not assign points to the balls, so they are all of equal value.

What is a cue in pool?

The cue stick is used to strike the balls. The cue ball used by the players to hit the other balls is the white ball. It is the one they hit with the cue stick.

Which ball number is in the middle of a game of pool if placed smallest ball to largest?

This is not possible in any common game of pool. Only Straight Pool allows the balls to be placed in nearly any position to accomplish this - no other common pool game allows placing the balls in that order. The middle of the rack is in between the second and third row of balls. It appears what is being asked is what ball will be in the 5th ball position, with one ball to left and one ball to the right if all the balls are arranged lowest to highest. This would be the 5 ball. However, Straight Pool requires that the 1 ball and the 5 ball be placed in the corners. Therefore, no pool game allows the balls to be placed in the way required - so, any ball may be in the "middle" position depending upon the game of pool being played.

How many balls are used in pool?

All pool games use a cue ball, plus either 7 (7 Ball), 9 (9 Ball), 15 (8 Ball, Straight Pool), or 21 (Baseball) balls depending upon the game.

How many coloured balls are there in a standard game of pool not including the cue ball?

There are 8 coloured balls in a standard game of pool (the 1 through 7 and the 8 ball), and there are 7 striped balls. That sums to 15 balls.

How does a pool table tell if it is the cue ball or the colored balls?

The Cue Ball is less weight than the Colored Balls.

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