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No it is not although it works almost the same muscles. Bench press is when you are on the bench laying on your back and lifting the weight. Chest press is when you sit on the bench and push the weight forward while your arms are parallel to your chest at a 90 degree angle from your elbows.

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Q: Is a chest press just like a bench press?
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What is the best workout for your chest?

If you want to get bigger chest then it is better to use weights and do workouts like the bench press, lat pull down, chest press, dumbbell chest flies, incline chest press, etc. If you want to get your chest toned and cut then it is better to do push ups and crunches.

How do you get a bigger chest?

If u mean like chest muscle then u bench press alot and incline bench it works for everyone enless u got man boobs u can lick

What is a single fulcrum bench press?

Like a smith machine

How often should you bench press?

When it comes to training the larger muscle groups like the chest, back, and legs, it is good to work them out with great intensity during a workout, and then provide them with plenty of rest. Some people claim that to bench press 3 times per week is not too much, but training them that frequently leaves them sore and diminished each time you rework them. You will overtrain doing this. Personally, i work chest and bench press at least once per week, but no more than twice per week, with usually 5-6 days in between chest sessions. That way, your chest is fresh and ready to grow each and every time. Bench pressing once per week has helped me to achieve a 400 pound bench press at 200 pounds bodyweight, so once per week training can be very effective...-the westside barbell programme advocates one day of heavy bench press and one of dynamic effort or explosive bench press at around 50-60% of your 1rm.

Can press-ups ever reduce chest size?

pressups cant really reduce chest size. they can reduce breast but aerobic activity can reduce unwanted fat plus exercise isolated on the chest area like a bench press or pressups but you will have to adapt and make the exercise harder. i.e. take your foot of the floor when doing pressups

How do you increase your bench press?

In order to increase bench press you must not do it more than every 2-3 days because your muscles need time to rest you can add weight to your bench press every 2 weeks with 5-10 pounds I usually bench press every 4 days and the that after my bench I like to work my triceps because triceps have a big impact on bench press also have you tried other workouts on your bench day like dumbbell press, dumbbells fly or incline and decline bench press you could also gain more muscle which could help you with the weight eat high protein foods such as chicken and lean steak also get lots of rest

How many pounds can Taylor Lautner bench press?

I am a 13 Year old girl and i can press like over 150!! SERIOSLY! I think he can bench like 280! That's what I got off of!

12 year old bench press max?

like 75 to 80

How can a kid get a bigger chest?

Bro,the tip to get a ripped and a fully sick big chest like mine is to Bench Press everyday,but remember you must have breaks in between. Do like 10 a day. so for instance do 10 one day and do mabye 15 tomorrow. simple as that mate B-) :)

What are some good triceps exercises to do?

Close grip bench is probably the best triceps exercise on the planet. This exercise allows you to go heavy and put maximum stress on the one muscle besides the pecs that can help increase your bench. You want to set up like a regular bench press, but position your hands no wider than shoulder width. On the descent, you want to keep your elbows in; do not let your elbows drift away from your body like you would with a regular bench press. At the bottom of the movement, you want the bar to come to the lower portion of your chest; at the top of the movement, the bar should be over your upper chest

What can the average 21-year-old bench press?

It depends on the average male. Some can bench-press more weight than others, depending on their pectoral, biceps and back-muscle strength they have. Some can bench-press as much as 300 lbs; others may only be able to bench-press only around 100 lbs. Just like there are many different body types of each man, there are different levels of strength that each and every individual 21 y.o. man has.

What should a a person who ways 140 pounds bench press?

they should be able to bench there weight or more like me ican bench 100 pounds at a body weight of 96 pounds

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