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Incredibly, neither the Baseball rule book nor the umpires' manual contains a written definition of a check swing. The generally accepted rule of thumb is that you need to break the plane of the front of home plate with your wrists and at least part of the barrel of the bat. But because there's no actual definition, in practice a check swing is whatever the home plate umpire says it is.

AnswerIt's extremely subjective; each umpire has his own guidelines. Some will call a strike if the wrists break, others will call a strike depending on how far the bat goes, and still others go by whatever they judge the batter's intent to have been. AnswerUmpires should address this as a judgment call, based on whether or not the feel that the batter intended to offer at the pitch.
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The rulebook says a strike is a pitch struck at by the batter and missed. It's up to the umpire's judgment as to whether or not the batter swung or not.

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Q: Is a check swing a strike in the rule book?
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What is the rule if you strike the ball with no intent on practice swing?

it counts as a stroke

If you swing and miss the ball but the ball hits you is it a strike or hit by a pitch?

If the batter does not swing at the ball and it hits him in the hand, it is not a strike and the player is able to walk to first base. If a batter is hit with a ball and the batter did nothing to place himself in front of the ball to make himself be hit, he is able to walk to first base.

The rules in ice hockey?

What rule in particular? Check this link out - the NHL Official Rule Book

What is the ruling for ASA softball on a pitched ball that hits the black part of the plate?

According to the rule book, the umpire will declare the pitch a strike if the ball touches the batter as the batter strikes at the ball, or if the ball touches the batter while the ball is in the strike zone.

How many angle of a triangle?

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Does batter have to swing to be legal runner on a dropped third strike?

No he does not. He can take the pitch and if the catcher drops it or the ball gets by him the dropped third strike rule is in affect unless there is somone on first with less than 2 outs. If there are 2 outs the rule is in affect even with a runner on 1st.

How does the rule book say that a strike is scored?

There actually is nowhere in Rule 10 (The Rules of Scoring) that explains how a strike is scored, only a strikeout. Strikes are mentioned in Rules 2.00 and 6.08 explaining how a strike is called.Therefore, strikes are not scored; instead they are recorded for scouting and performance statistics. Since it is not explained in the Official Scorer section, it may be possible that this record is kept by the Official Statistician.

I need to know the main average of the baseball strike zone?

According to MLB Rule 2.0, the Strike Zone is defined as: "The Strike Zone is defined as that area over homeplate the upper limit of which is a horizontal line at the midpoint between the top of the shoulders and the top of the uniform pants, and the lower level is a line at the hollow beneath the kneecap. The Strike Zone shall be determined from the batter's stance as the batter is prepared to swing at a pitched ball."

Why are you out on strike 3?

Because that's the rule that was created

What is the three strike rule?

If you are talking about baseball/softball, then no, on the 3rd strike called by the umpire, the player/batter is out.

What is the last rule of the rule book?

IT is book g on spelling rules book

Which countries follow the three strike rule?