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a fumble is you can recover it, but a pass you intercept it.

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Q: Is a catch of an opponent's fumble or pass is called a recovery?
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When an offensive player drops the football that is called?

When a football player drops the ball, it is called a fumble if he had possesion of the ball, or an incomplete pass if a receiver fails to catch the ball.

If a receiver makes a catch and then fumbles do the yards count?

If the pass is ruled a catch then a fumble..the receiver receives the yards from the pass...and is credited with a fumble

How do you catch your opponents Pokemon on HeartGold?

You cannot capture your opponents. You cannot capture your opponent's Pokemon, either. You can only catch wild Pokemon.

Is Fumble the moshling from moshi monsters rare?

Fumble is a rare moshling on Moshi Monsters. All this means is that you need two flowers with specific colors to catch Fumble. 053 Fumble the Acrobatic Sea Star [Fishie] any Star Blossom, Yellow Magic Beans, Yellow Love Berries

How do you catch Fumble the moshling on moshi monsters?

053 Fumble the Acrobatic Sea Star [Fishie] any Star Blossom, Yellow Magic Beans, Yellow Love Berries

How do you catch fumble?

Any star blossom Yellow love berries Yellow magic beans

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How do you catch the fumble on moshi monsters?

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Can A player fumble before gaining possession.?

A runner can fumble the ball prior to gaining possession of the football. A receiver must catch and secure the ball, and be deemed a runner before fumbling. If a receiver does not secure the ball, it is considered an incomplete pass instead of a fumble.

Can the ground cause a fumble?

The Ground can cause a fumble in the NFL.The ground cannot cause a fumble in the NFL during a play where the runner is being tackled. The ground can cause a fumble if a runner falls to the ground without the fall being the result of a tackle.Instance where the ground can cause a fumble, per the The 2017 Official NFL Playing Rules, Rule 8, Section 7, Article 3, Item 1, which states:"Recovery and Advance. Any player of either team may recover or catch a fumble and advance, either before or after the ball strikes the ground."Instance where the ground cannot cause a fumble is covered under the Dead Ball Rule, Rule 7 Section 2 (a-q) The 2017 Official NFL Playing Rules, Rule 7 Dead Ball, Section 2, Article 1a states the ball shall be declared dead when:"when a runner is contacted by an opponent and touches the ground with any part of his body other than his hands or feet. The ball is dead the instant the runner touches the ground."

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