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Yes, butterfly is a swimming stroke.

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โˆ™ 2011-08-25 06:45:09
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Q: Is a butterfly a swimming stroke?
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What insect shares a name with a swimming stroke?

Butterfly (Butterfly stroke)

What is the butterfly in olympic swimming?

a swimming stroke

Second fastest swimming stroke?

The second fastest swimming stroke is Butterfly.

What is both a swimming style and an insect?

The Butterfly Stroke in swimming

What is a insect and a swimming stroke?


What are the five events of swimming?

free style,back stroke, butterfly, breast stroke and underwater swimming

What creepy crawly is a stroke in swimming?

:L there is a stroke called butterfly

Which swimming stroke is the same as an insect?


A swimming stroke named after a insect?

butterfly :)

Why the name butterfly for a swimming stroke?

the movement for the stroke is simalar to the way a butterfly moves its wings to move through the air.

What insect shares its name with a swimming stroke?


Who invented butterfly swimming stroke?

Henry Myers

Which swimming stroke is considered to be the most difficult?


Is a breast stroke really a swimming competition?

yes!!!!!!!!!! there are four strokes in competitive swimming: butterfly, backstroke, breast stroke, and freestyle

How often do you breathe while doing butterfly stroke in swimming?

Every Three Stroke's.

Which swimming stroke was not introduced into Olympics until 1956?


What are the 4 events in Olympic swimming?

The 4 event in the swimming Olympics are butterfly breast stroke back stroke free stlye I think i should no im on a swimming team

What is first stroke in swimming medley?

Butterfly, backstroke, breastroke, freestyle is the order for swimming an individal medley. However, when swimming the medley relay, the order is: backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle.

What are the different styles of swimming?

front crawl back stroke beast stroke butterfly and loads more...

Which swimming stroke made it's olympic debut in 1956?


What is the most popular stroke for swimming?

the most popular stroke for swimming would obviously be, front crawl. this is why, in freestyle, most people choose front crawl and not back stroke, butterfly or breaststroke.

What is the most common stroke in swimming?

The most common stroke is freestyle. This is based on during practice and in swimming events. Its because nobody wants to swim a 1650 butterfly.

What is the least popular swimming stroke?

butterfly would be the least popular as it is the hardest

Which is the most difficult stroke in swimming?

Most people say butterfly, but it's different for everybody.

What are the kinds of swimming?

Doggy paddle, front crawl, breast stroke, butterfly, freestyle, side stroke, diving, crawl.