Is a bowl a utensil

Updated: 11/19/2022
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Q: Is a bowl a utensil
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Which Utensil Is Used To Clean The Sides Of Mixing Bowl?


What is the name of a kitchen utensil starting with a?

a siv a spoon a mixer a bowl you get the idea

What is a spork?

A spork is an eating utensil shaped like a spoon, but with three tines on the bowl, such as those you would see on a fork.

What is usually used as a serving spoon for soups?

Type your answer here... A ladle .... a long-handled utensil with a cup-shaped bowl for dipping or conveying liquids.

What is the opposite of Utensil?

tool fingers because utensil means tool

Is crabs hands like a cooking utensil what is the cooking utensil's name?


What utensil will be more suitable to find the capacity of a cup?

ur mothers utensil

How do you make a movie of you eating but you rewind it so it looks like you are throwing it up?

Unless you eat by inhaling your food, it will just look like you are using a fork or whatever utensil to take food out of your mouth. ------------- or, you can get a bowl, try and get the food out of the bowl with just your mouth and replay that....but that would seem as if you leaned over to the bowl and spit it out.

Where can I find a utensil organizer online?

A good place to find a utensil organizer online is at They have a large selection of utensil organizers to meet all needs.

Cooking utensil and flower with letter z?

Cooking utensil: zester (utensil for scraping zest off fruit) Flower: zinnia (plant of the daisy family)

Who made the first writing utensil?

China made paper but im not sure about utensil

What rhymes with utensil?

i do not think that there is nothing that Rhymes with utensil . i hope that this answer has helped you! but if so,what i think that could ryme with utensil is new probley wrong but i tried lol!