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no a bounce pass is very effective because it goes underneath a defenders hands.

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Q: Is a bounce pass rarely effective near the goal in basketball?
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Can the goal keeper bounce the ball?


How many feet away is the basketball field goal?

Theres no field goal in basketball.

What are the objections of playing basketball?

Basketball goal kobe bryant basketball

What is a basketball goal?

goal? as in hoop? To stand straight and 10" tall, and be round so the ball can go in it.

How many points is a field goal worth in football?

3 points. But a drop kick (which is similar to a field goal) is worth 2 points. A drop kick is where you drop the ball on the ground and let it bounce up in the air then kick it through the goal posts. This is very difficult to do and is very rarely tried in the nfl.

What happens when a shot on a goal misses the goal and goes out of bounce?

Goal kick for the opposing team (the one who didn't shoot)

What are the objectives of play?

Basketball goal Kobe Bryant basketball

Where do you get a replacement handle for a lifetime basketball goal?

hoop not goal

What factors form college basketball rankings?

There are many factors that are considered in college basketball rankings. These include effective field goal percentage, turnovers per offensive play, offensive rebounding percentage, among others.

What are the qualities of a effective goal?

An Effective Goal is a Attainable Goal with hard work. a low aim never hit a high mark.

If goal tending is illegal what sport is that?

in basketball it is illegal to goal tend.

Is a bounce pass a pass used in basketball?

Bounce passes are really only used when you are passing to the shooters from outside of the goal circle otherwise normally a chest pass or a shoulder pass is used during a game.