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yes,if the wickets broke then only otherwise not out

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Q: Is a batsman out if he touches or breaks the wicket after taking a run?
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Is it out hitting the wicket after scoring a six in cricket?

Yes, it is out hitting the wicket after scoring a six in cricket because the batsman hit the wicket.

What is the LBW term in cricket?

If the ball hits the batsman's pad (on his leg) and is "hitting" the stumps (so if the batsman wasn't there, it would hit the stumps) then it is out.

In cricket if no ball is thron and batsman is heat wicket he is out or not out?

Not out. Only way to get batsman out when a no ball is thrown is run out.

How can a batsman out?

There are four ways. run out, catch stump and wicket.

What is a leg ball wicket?

when a ball hits batsman's leg under the knee it is called as leg ball wicket

Is the batsman out in the bowler bowles the ball full toss straight to batsman's shoulder and the batsman hits the wickets with his bat?

Yes. It's Hit Wicket.

When batsman uproots his stumps attempting to hit the ball he is out as?

hit wicket..........

Batsman chasing last ball and1 run needed with last wicket in handbowler bowls wide and batsman got stumpedthen with how many wickets chasing team won?

win by 1 wicket???

If the striking batsman hits the ball and runs arriving to the non striking batsman's crease but the non striking batsman never leaves his crease who is out if the striker wicket is hit by the ball?

it is the striking batsman who ran

What is a back foot?

In cricket, a back foot is the batsman's foot closest to the wicket.

Who took the first wicket of the first Test Match and of which batsman?

The 'First Wicket' of the 'First Cricket Test Match' was taken by Allen Hill of England and the victim was the Australian batsman, Nathaniel Thomson; popularily known as Nat Thomson.

What is a 'yorker ball' in Cricket?

A yorker is a ball that is bowled and lands at or near the feet of the batsman instead of bouncing on the pitch at a normal distance. They are used to prevent a batter from being able to score a lot and give good chance of taking a wicket. Adding more into it, a yorker delivery restricts batsman to swing his bat and rather play more defensive to save wicket.