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In both Baseball and softball, a runner is allowed to touch first base and keep on running and then come back to first base. He stays in foul territory. Then he comes back. The umpire calls him safe as long as he gets to the base before the ball does. In both baseball and softball, he comes back to the base. In baseball, he can leave the base, in softball he can not. In softball, he must be on the base while the pitcher has the ball until the ball is almost over home plate. In baseball, he can start running at anytime. If he starts too soon, the catcher can signal him to throw the ball to the first baseman and if the ball gets there, the first baseman will tag him out. It is called a pick off.

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Q: Is a base runner out if he leaves first base after being called safe?
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On a ground ball If the runner on first base never leaves the base and the batter is put out by firstbaseman stepping on first can runner stay since force is off?


Does a runner have to leave first base on a ball hit in play?

No. The runner can stay on first base (if the ball is hit in the air and might be caught, for example). However, if the batter passes the runner at first, that runner is called out.

If a runner misses first and advances to second when the ball goes out of play can the runner still be called out on appeal?

YES he can be called out on an appeal... this would be the same as if a home was hit and the runner had not tagged first base ...

Does run on third on third count Runners on first and third one out fly ball caught in outfield runner on third tags runner on first leaves early ball is thrown to first for inning ending double play?

first base was a force out so the run shouldn't count, As an example if the runner on first had tagged and tried to take second base and was thrown out after the run scored then the run would stand, because the base runner put themselves in jeopardy of being put out

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What happens if batter does not attemp first base on dropped 3rd strike?

If the runner does not run to first base but instead walks back to the dugout he will be called out once he leaves the baseline. Then what happens is he may be fined by the team for not hustling.

Can a runner back up on the bases between home and first base?

When proceeding to first a runner can not retreat towards home nor can they come to a complete stop of forward motion. If they do either of these the the runner is to be called out without need of a tag on the runner or the base. This only applies to a runner between home and first.

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Can a runner advancing to second on a force play safely return to first prior to being tagged out if the batter runner was put out first?

Yes. Once the runner that just batted is tagged out there is no longer a force out for the runner advancing to second. Therefore he can continue to second or go back to first.

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Can a second baseman go in the base line of second when runner is coming from first?

if he interferes with the runner that would be called obstruction

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