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Yes, if you watched the Royal Rumble, then you would have seen when Teddy Long announced that there would be a barb wire steel cage match at No Way Out in February.

Barbed wire matches are totally real.Infact many staes in USA have banned them ,Pa being one of them where WWE NO WAY OUT is scheduled to happen.It will be intersting to see how WWE goes on with the barbed wire event.

AS far as these matches are concerned there cannot be any more brutal way to end a feud between 2 guys .This is one match where the winner and loser both sustain serious injuries.

I have seen biceps being torn apart and jaws being broken & still the match continued.That torn bicep needed 100 stitches!!.There are moments when u can see even the refree covering his face coz he cant see anymore of the carnage ,when these wrestlers fight close to the audience ,the spectators get away coz lot of blood flies here and there.

truth it happened at wwe no way out. all of the previous from the l;ast person is tru. it is not fake that is the only wwe/f match that is indeed real

It wasn't actually a barbed wire cage match

It happend at No Way Out a couple months ago

the barbed wire steel cage match totally was real did you see all of j.b.l blood on the ring it would be cool if Kane faced taker in there

Becuase of the last barbed wire match (Sabu vs. Terry Funk) they have been banned because of the dangerous magnitude of the match. In this match, Sabu needed 162 stiches, Terry Funk needed around 80, and both of them still finished the match somehow.

Barbed wire cage matches have taken place all over the world, more notebly Japan and Puerto Rico. And as most American wresting fans know in WWE recently at No Way Out, that one was lame in comparison to others. Also the Funk/Sabu ECW barbed wire match wasn't the last match of it's type leading to national bannings. Combat Zone Wrestling has held several barbed wire matches after the Funk/Sabu match. Even including barbed wire in their recent Cage of Death Event('05)

You mean rumble 06 because i watched royal rumble 06 he did't say one thing about it

The rumble 05.

Our promotion Dunbeg Championship Wrestling is running a show 'The Battle of Boomtown' this summer (23 July 2006) which will feature a barbed wire match.

Check us out at

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Q: Is a barbed wire cage match real or staged?
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