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yes. it is where the ball is, not where the fielder is.

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Q: Is a ball foul if touched by a player in fair ground while the ball is in foul ground before it passes third base?
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When kicking off the ball touches the receiving team player then bounces to the ground and is then touched before going out of bounds by the kicking team who gets the ball?

the receiving team

Is a player out if she is touched before she reaches home on a home run?

no she isn't

What is passes in soccer?

It's when you kick the ball to another player on your team. This can be in the air or on the ground, in the air it can be called a lobbed pass or if the player kicks the ball in the penalty box it's called a cross theirs also ground passes and through balls which is when a player passes in front of a player so they can run to it (their can also be a through ball in the air as well

How many revolutions must a soccer ball go before it can be touched by another player?

The question makes no sense. What is the situation? A live ball may be touched by any player, with no revolutions required.

If a player with ball falls down and his knee touches ground but he has not been touched by opposing player is he down or can he get up and run?

he can get up and run if he has not been touched yet. then he has to be tackled to be down, not "touched". The above is true in the NFL...the touch must have caused the fall or happened while the knee or elbow is on the ground. In college or ANY level below the play ends when the players knee or elbow touches regardless of the reason.

Would it still be a popfly if they dropped the ball but then recaught it before it touched the ground?

A pop-fly is called a pop-fly whether it is caught or not. To qualify as an out, the defensive player must gain control of the ball before it touches the ground for the first time. If he catches it but drops it right away, it is not considered a catch. However, if the player drops the ball on the transfer from glove to throwing hand, it is still considered an out.

Is a player out if he is touched before reaching home plate on a home run in baseball?

That depends if its out of the park no. If its in the park yeah.

If you catch the football and fall to your knees will i be down?

No. In Professional Football, in order to be "down" a receiver has to be tackled or in your scenario touched by a defensive player while on the ground.

What are referees job in dodgeball?

the referees job in dogeball is to: look if a player crossed the center line, to signal if a person is out (got hit by a ball), to signal if a person is out ( the opposing team caught a thrown ball before it touched the ground). - Chow

What is over a third in netball?

'Over a third' is an infringement which occurs when the ball passes completely over a whole third of the court without being touched by another player. Eg. If a Goal Keeper takes a 'throw in' from the baseline, the ball must be touched by a player in the goal third before it reaches the centre third. This is NOT the case, however, if the throw in is taken from the sideline. It is this rule that prevents a Goal Keeper throwing directly to a Goal Shooter.

What is the call when a defensive player touches a flyball and then another player catches the ball before it touches the ground?


If a line drive goes into the pitchers jersey is it an out?

A batter-runner is ruled out if any fielder gains full, controlled possession of the live baseball in flight. If a hit baseball were to hit off the head of one fielder, and be caught by another fielder who gained controlled possession before the ball touched the ground or a wall, the batter would be out. So the assumed conclusion would be that yes, if the pitcher were able to reach into his uniform and gain full, controlled possession of the baseball before it touched the ground, the batter would be out. It would be like any other bobbled ball that was eventually controlled before touching the ground. However, there may be specific ground rules relating to a player's uniform.

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