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Yes, it is a Model 70, but specifically made for Sears. I believe it is an economy version with less frills, but wroks just like an M70.

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Q: Is a Ted Williams Model 53 rifle a Winchester model 70?
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Ted williams model 53?

Your Ted Williams/sears model 53 is actually a winchester model 70 rifle.

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Winchester made the model 1873 rifle and the model 1876 rifle,but did not make a model 1875 rifle.

What is a Winchester Model 70?

A Winchester Model 70 is a rifle.

Did Winchester make ted Williams T3 22 cal gun for sears?

Yes they did. The Sears Ted Williams Model T3 was the exact same .22 caliber rifle as the Winchester Model 190.

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Your winchester model 1890 .22cal rifle was made by winchester in 1902.

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Model 94 winchester 30 30

What year was ser1583653 Winchester rifle made?

Is your Winchester Rifle a Model 70 or a Model 94? Bert H.

When was manufactured a Winchester Sporting rifle Model 1886 Serial Number 118400?

your winchester model 1886 rifle was made by winchester in 1898.

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Your winchester model 1892 rifle was made by winchester in 1923.

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Your Winchester model of the U S model 1917 30-06 caliber rifle was produced by Winchester from 1917-1919.

What year is your Ted Williams 30-06 looks like a winchester model 70 is this a worthwhile hunting rifle?

Your Sears model 53 rifle is indeed a Winchester model 70 rifle.These were fine made rifles that would be very good to hunt with!I am not sure what years winchester made these rifles for Sears though.

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