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A cricket ball is much harder then a softbal and a Baseball

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A softball is a lot harder than a baseball, and a bit harder than a cricket ball.

Both materials for a cricketball and softball are the same and a softball is more heavy, and thus more

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Q: Is a Softball harder than a Cricket ball?
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How is baseball harder than softball?

baseball is harder, because the ball is smaller. Witch makes it harder to hit the ball.

How do softball and baseball differ?

Baseball is played with a smaller and harder ball than softball, hence the term SOFTball.

Is softball harder than baseball?

Softball is probably harder. Despite the name, a softball is harder than a baseball, and heavier (therefore harder to hit very far). Because of this, the batter must run to the base quicker as the ball will be closer. Plus, in fastpitch softball, the pitches can be as fast (or faster)than baseball pitches.

What is the difference between t ball and softball?

a t-ball is pretty much like a baseball small and hard. But a softball is large and harder than a baseball.

Which is the harder ball a baseball or a softball?

WELL IF YOU WATCH SPORT SCIENCE THAN IT TELLS YOU THAT SOFTBALL IS HARDER THAN BASEBALL. JENNIE FINCH BROKE BULLET PROOF GLASS BUT THE BASEBALL JUST BOUNCED OFF THE GLASS. The softball is not harder than a baseball it may be bigger but the softball is not that hard! i play softball and i know that a softball is not harder than a baseball because i got hit with a softball and it didn't hurt as much as the baseball.....and the people who were pitching pitched the exact same speed! so there u have it a baseball IS HARDER than a softball!!!! Yes it is a fact that baseballs are harder than softballs because they are wound tighter. It may be a smaller ball but it is solid. softballs are rubber with string wrapped around it so they fly almost 200 ft less than a baseball will.

Is a softball really harder than a baseball?

No they are about the same. Except for the fact that the ball is bigger in softball and easier to hit but it won't go as far.

How come it is harder to overcome the inertia of a softball than a golf ball?

Simply because it's heavier.

What is the difference between little league baseball and softball?

In baseball, the ball is smaller and harder. You use a smaller sized bat than you do in softball. In softball, the ball is softer and bigger. The bat you use is bigger than the type of bat you use in baseball.

Is a softball harder than a baseball?


Is ballet harder than softball?

YES! it requires more stamina, strength, etc.

Is a hurling ball hard?

It is quiet hard. It has a cork centre, covered by leather. So it is harder than a tennis ball, but not as hard as a baseball ball or a cricket ball.

Is tennis harder than baseball?

i wouldn't say so. i have played softball for most of my life and tennis takes hitting the ball over a fence but softball and baseball require hitting the ball, ptching, and fielding.

What ball has a greater density softball or soccer ball?

A softball is more dense than a soccer ball.

Does freezing a softball make it go farther?

Yes it does. Will a hard compression ball go farther than a softer one? The harder the ball the farther it will travel.

Is a golf ball bigger than a cricket ball?

No, a cricket ball is much larger than a golf ball.

What weighs more a softball or tennis ball?

A softball weighs more. A tennis ball is smaller that a softball and is hollow. A softball is larger and it is not hollow, making the softball heavier than the tennis ball.

What's the difference between a baseball and a softball?

A basball is smaller and is harder than a softball.

Does temperature affect the bounce of a softball?

It depends on the surface the ball is bouncing on. If the ground is cold, then usually it is harder than normal. When the outfield grass is warmer it's usually softer. Unless the softball is in extreme heat or extreme cold, the ball wont bounce noticeably different. The atoms will be moving slower in a colder softball than in a warmer softball, but it wont cause the ball to die or anything.

Is a baseball harder than a lacrosse ball?

No. A lacrosse ball is much harder than a baseball.

Is cricket harder than golf?

If your good at golf then yes it is harder.But if your good at cricket golf would be harder

Why the ball of baseball is hard why the game is called softball?

Baseball is not called softball. The game of softball is called softball because the ball used is softer than a baseball.

Why is a softball called a softball?

Because it is less dense than a hard ball.

Is a sofball harder to hit than a baseball?

It said that a softball is harder to hit because of the force it comes in at is greater in the highest levels of softball then is baseball, also the underhand motion causes the ball to have an upward movement which is hard to master then the downward movement of a baseball.

Why cricket ball has more inertia than rubber ball?

because cricket ball has greater mass

What is better baseball or softball?

Baseball is much more harder than soft plus softball is played by females