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If you are referring to the Irish sport of Hurling which, like hockey, is a field game using a ball and stick, the the stick used is not bent. It is known as a hurley, or in the Irish language a camán. It starts narrow at the top and the broadens towards the end with a large surface at its end. See the image at the link below. The sticks used to play Field Hockey and Ice Hockey in Ireland are the same as anywhere else in the world.

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Q: Is a Irish hockey stick meant to be bent?
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The ball is played using the caman, a stick of about 3 1/2 ft in length. Unlike the Irish camán, it has no blade. The caman is traditionally made of wood, traditionally ash but now more commonly hickory, and must not have any plate or metal attached to it. The caman would be made from any piece of wood with a hook in it, hence caman, from the Scottish Gaelic, cam meaning bent or crooked. It can also be called a stick or club.

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Different positions and roles on the field require different types of sticks. Some sticks are better for lifting and hitting the ball, while others are best for stopping it. Most players use the "midi" style when developing their game. The "midi" is a good stick for most field activities. The goalie's stick, however, is bent and flattened to provide optimal surface area and stopping power.

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