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450 r 10 times as fast

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โˆ™ 2010-05-25 19:02:33
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Q: Is a Honda 450 r faster than a 660 raptor?
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What is faster raptor 660 or yfz 450?

the Yamaha yfz 450 is faster than the raptor 660. the yfz blows by it all day

What is is faster 700 raptor or 450 yfz?


Is a Raptor 700 faster then a Honda TRX 450 R?

If you are going by top speed, just barely. Raptor 76 mph to TRX 450 73 mph.

What is faster Honda 450 TRX or Raptor 700?

If it's kind of tight trails the Raptor would probably be better. Now open trails and logging roads that you can really open the bike up on, it could go either way. From what I have read, the Raptor's top speed is faster, but just by a hair. Raptor 76 mph to Honda 450 TRX 73mph

Is a raptor 700 faster then a yfz 450?


Is the kfx 450 faster than the 660 raptor?

lord the raptor will kill the kfx 450r i have raced them both and they are both fast but the raptor is the 1

Which is faster raptor 700 or yfz 450?

the raptor will leave it in the top end but a 450 will spank it off the line, its made to rev way higher than the big engine on the raptor 700, with a few mods the 450 will dominate

What is faster a raptor 660 or the suzuki 450?

the raptor 660 is much much stronger and faster than the suzuki 450 or any other bike out their the 660 is the best quad out their but suzuki 450 sucks the best raptor in the world is the one a guy has in tecate in the Bella vista and worst bike out their is in the artiega ranch

Which is faster TRX 450 or Raptor 660?

the Raptor by far :) the raptor has a far greater top end speed as well, a stock 660 will just about be beaten by a stock yfz450, but add mods and your sweet. far faster than trx450

What is faster kawasaki 450 or raptor 700?

the 450 in fact you can even see races between the two on youtube

Is a yfz 450 faster than a raptor 660?

The Raptor 660 Is Faster with OEM parts. How ever Yamaha doesnt Make an all around as good quad as The Honda TRX 450R. It Is The most High performance Track Quad on the market. Having More Low end than both Yamaha Quads. ATV QUAD WORLD

How fast will a 450 Raptor go?

There is no 450 Raptor, it is either a Raptor 250, 350, 660 or 700. If it is a 450 then it is a YFZ.

How fast does the raptor 450 go?

There is no 450 Raptor, it is either a Raptor 250, 350, 660 or 700. If it is a 450 then it is a YFZ.

How fast will the 450 Raptor go?

There is no 450 Raptor, it is either a Raptor 250, 350, 660 or 700. If it is a 450 then it is a YFZ.

What is faster a Raptor 700 or a LTR 450?

The LTR 450 will get the Raptor off the line and has better suspension, but it doesnt have what it takes to beat the Raptor 700 in a flat out drag race.

Is a yfz 450r faster than a raptor 700r?

a yfz 450 has more high performance parts than a raptor but a raptor has 686cc motor instead of a 450 motor. so they are what and what the size of the engine doesnt matter. the yfz is designed to be a track bike so naturally its going to be faster around a track and it will accelerate quicker, the raptor was made more for the baja 1000. so it will be faster over a long period. so there not an exact answer for this question. many things factor into a atvs speed (ie: rider ability)

What is better 700 raptor or 450 yfz?


Is a Honda trx 450 faster than a yfz 450?

They're pretty equal maybe 1 or 2 mph differance. Can-Am is the best out right now with their DS450

Which one is the best Yamaha raptor 700 or yfz 450?


Which is faster yfz 450 or raptor 700?

yfz is but i would suggest a suzuki ltr-450 better performance racing, cruizing, or for some great throttle therapy

Is a Raptor 700 faster then a Honda TRX 450 R in a drag race?

As far as top speed goes, the 700 just edges the 450, but of course actually racing one several other influences will have an affect like weight of riders, terrain, conditions, etc.

What goes faster the Suzuki LTR 450 or the Honda TRX700xx?

my Honda trx700xx will run 85 mph and my friends suzuki ltr 450 will run 79 mph so the Honda is faster it all depends on the stock gearing. i got my ltr up to 87mph

What is better the raptor 700 or the yfz 450?

YFZ 450 because their alot lighter

What is the top speed of a stock raptor 450?

how fast dose a raptoe 450 go

What is better a raptor 700 or a yfz 450?

yzf 450 it handles better and is lighter.