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a normal dirt bike 110cc, 110cc is smaller than an 65

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Q: Is a 85cc dirt bike bigger than a 110cc dirt bike?
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Do you have to shift on a dirt bike 85cc?


Can a 100cc 4 - stroke dirt bike race against 85cc dirt bikes?

No we can't use 100cc 4 -stroke dirt bike race against 85cc dirt bikes.

How fast can a 11occ Yamaha dirt bike go?

a 110cc dirt bike is just like a 50cc just a tiny bit bigger and is probaly 50mph at the most

How fast does a 85cc dirt bike go?


How much horsepower does a 85cc dirt bike have?

10000000000000000000 hp

What size dirt bike for a 4ft 9 boy get?

a 85cc

Is there a kids dirt bike for 100 pound or less?

yes the 85cc

How fast is a 110cc racing dirt bike go?

it all dipends on the bike

How much does a 110cc dirt bike cost?

from 600 to 1,700

Where can you buy a cheap 110cc dirt bike?

Go to

What model of ATV or dirt bike should you get for racing motocross?

well if your a grown up then start of with a 250r dirt bike , if your a kid or teenager and your not to tall get a 85cc dirt bike

How much would a 85cc suzuki 2 stroke dirt bike cost?

Base price for a 2008 RM 85cc was $3099.

How tall do you have to be to ride a 110cc dirt bike?

A 110cc dirk bike is a fairly small and short bike. It would probably fit an older child of 10 or so, but be too big for a 15 year old. You may want to look into bigger bikes for a teenager.

What is the fastest 85cc dirt bike?

a yz 85 because it has a big top end

What is bigger a 110 dirt bike or a 85 dirt bike?

The 110.

How fast does a 110cc dirt bike go?

My grandpa can get his up to almost 17 mph!

What is the worst dirt bike to have?

all dirtbikes are fun to have, but the worst one to have in my opinion is a 110cc

How fast will a Honda 110cc dirt bike go?

as fast as my mom makes me roti

What company makes the best 110cc dirt bike?

as far as I think..and my personal. view I will suggest you to go for YAMAHA,KAWASAKHI...dirt bike of these company are best..

Is there a moped that looks like a dirt bike?

yes and it is "Tayako 110cc Moped Cycle / Scooter"

How fast will a 110cc dirt bike go if you weigh 100 pounds?

Probs about 60 - 70 mph

Would a kx 85cc be a good bike for you if so were could you get a cheap one you are 14?

Yes, this would be a good bike for you if you are 14 years of age. This motorcycle is a dirt bike.

Best dirt bike for kids?

The best dirt bike for kids is no bigger than a 100cc

How can you make a 2-stroke 85cc dirt bike go faster?

yes iif u put a bore kit in it

What is the height of a 125cc dirt bike?

its either 2ft or 3ft taller then the 85cc the 125cc is the same size as the 250 and 450cc