Is a 700 series good in bowling?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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1) no.

2) Yes, it is hard to bowl a 700 series if you have only bowled two or three years without much practice. I think after Bowling a couple years as an adult, with regular practice you could do it. Your bowling average would have to be at least in the 180's for it to be very likely to achieve this once in the season. My advice is play a consistent line to the pocket where you know you can hit the pocket. If your hooking it a lot and are inconsistent I recommend playing a straighter line to the pocket, get a ball that hooks less on the condition. If you can't stay in the pocket the whole game you can forget about getting a 700 series. You cannot play a straight ball; you must play a hook ball or you will not be able to get the 700 series. You don't have to play a lot of hook but enough hook to drive into the pocket. I usually play low to medium hook, I don't like crossing anymore boards than I have to. You must make your spares, practice your spare shots, 7 and 10 pins especially. Make your spares and try for an all mark night where you leave no opens in all 3 games and you will be well on your way to getting the 700 series. If you have only one or two opens you can still get the 700 series if your striking a lot by consistently keeping the ball in the pocket every shot. I average between 195 and 210 depending on the league I bowl on and the lane conditions. I usually have at least one 700 series a year. I tend to be a little inconsistent as I usually only bowl one league a year or every few years with little practice between league nights. But this is after bowling on league a good number of years 15+.

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Q: Is a 700 series good in bowling?
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