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As a full degree, yes. As a "Junior Black Belt" it is possible, but highly questionable.

The "Dan" is an adult "Degree" of the Black Belt which is a rank of expertise reserved for mature individuals of the age 15 and older. Each Dan level (1st Degree, 2nd Degree, 3rd Degree, etc.) requires a minimum number of years in active training, and a minimum age for each.

The "Poom" is a "Junior Black Belt," (represented by a half Black and half Red belt) which may be issued to anyone under the age of 15 who has met the skill and knowledge requirements of a Black Belt, but are not old enough to be considered mature in life. However, even a child must be training as a color belt for at least 3 to 5 years to be considered for a legitimate Poom. In order to reach that level at age 7, the child must start training at around age 4, which is about the earliest a child is going to comprehend what they are taught. So, while it possible to reach Poom by age 7, it is rare, and this is still not a full Black Belt.

Taekwondo is the National Martial Art of Korea, therefore official ranks should meet the requirements of the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) in Seoul, Korea. However, many Kwans (official Taekwondo organizations and federations), and some unauthorized independent schools issue their own certificates. In many countries, children are permitted to wear the full Black Belt because Instructors are compromising the integrity of their art, and caving to the pressure of parents who want their children to have a Black Belt. Sometimes it is a marketing ploy to advertise that the school's "Master" has a student who is the "youngest Black Belt" in Taekwondo.

The reality is that the "youngest" Black Belt is 15 years old. Under that, it is a "Junior Black Belt" or Poom, regardless of what their school certificate says, or what color belt they are wearing. Children are minors, and not yet mature, lacking experience in life. A Black Belt holder is mature, and gains more experience and maturity with each degree.

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Q: Is a 7-year-old too young to receive a Tae Kwon Do black belt?
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