Is a 68 year old considered young?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Being 68 years old is considered being a senior.

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Q: Is a 68 year old considered young?
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Who is the target market of Caribou Coffee?

respectable young adults- 68% of customers are of the 18-40 year old demographics

Is 68 to old to jump?

No. A healthy 68 year old can do all kinds of jumping.

Is 121 over 60 ok for a 68 year old women?

It is an excellent blood pressure for a 68 year old woman.

Is a 68 year old man too old for a 50 year old woman?

Age is just a number and what matters most is the connection and compatibility between two people. As long as both individuals are consenting adults and share mutual interests and values, age should not be a barrier to a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Communication, understanding, and respect are key in any relationship regardless of age.

What can cause a period in a 68 year old woman long after menopause?

i am 68 and appear to be having a period

What is the normal pluse for a 49 year old woman?


What is a healthy weight for an 11 year old?

68 kg

Is it negative for a 68 year old male to be with a 24 year old female?

definitely wierd. I wouldn't advise it

How old was Ray Tomlinson when he invented the email?

in the year 2009 he was 68 years old

Is Lily Tomlin considered young since she is 68 years old?

You're as young as you feel. Perhaps a teenager or someone up to their 30's may think she's old ... but us old gals fool ya all! I'm 66 and am very energetic and active with a good mind (so far)!

How old is 10 for a dog?

A dog that is 10 years old is considered to be a senoir, and is approximately 68 in dog years.

13 in human year to cats years?

68 years-old