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Q: Is Zane Holtz still in make it or break it?
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Who plays max and his friend on make it or break it?

Max is played by Joshua Bowman and Autin is played by Zane Holtz

Who plays in make it or break it?

people: Josie Loren Ayla Kell Johnny Pacar Cassie Scerbo Chelsea Hobbs Neil Jackson Candace Cameron Bure Peri Gilpin Brett Cullen Dondre Whitford Chelsea Tavares Zane Holtz Tom Maden Zachary Bure Abel

What age is austin tucker in make it or break it?

His name is Zane Holtz, he is an actor, most recent in Percy Jackson and the Olympians movie. He is also a model and posed with the girls from cycle 6 of America's Next Top Model in the future careers photo shoot.

Who played vomit bag in the movie holes?

Actually the guy who played "barf bag" was Zane Holtz ,who plays Austin Tucker in Make It Or Brake It. He is also a model, he's been a model since he was 5 years old.

What does Lou holtz make a year on ESPN?

ESPN has not disclosed the salary they pay to Lou Holtz. His estimated net worth is reported to be around $4 million.

What if your ex break up with you and still make out?

Not in a million years.

Why is zane in ninjago a robot?

just is. did lego really have to make that stupid episode? i wish they would make another episode saying "zane woke up and it was all a dream"

Do they still make new episodes of Marvin Marvin?

yes they have taken a break

How do you make a best relation with zane truesdale?

use a cyber dragon deck

What are the release dates for Zane Grey Theater - 1956 Make It Look Good 3-18?

Zane Grey Theater - 1956 Make It Look Good 3-18 was released on: USA: 5 February 1959

Do Emily and Damian get back together in season 2 of make it or break it?

It's still unknown but Emily did break up with him in 2nd episode.

Do the names Zane and Brianna make a good couple?

Zane means masculine. Brianna means feminine. Does it go good together...ha.. couldn't be more perfect.* Actually, Zane means "God's gracious gift," and Brianna means "strong, virtuous, and honorable."