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Q: Is Ya shin or Massali better in soccer goalie?
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What are the clothes worn to play soccer?

you need soccer cleats ( there is a difference in cleats ) you need shin guards, and unless you buy the shin guards with the long socks over them you need long soccer socks. If playing goalie you may want to have goalie gloves and pads. Check with your local sports store for the gear and check with the coach for the specifics for your league.

Are gymnastics better than soccer?

yes gymnastics is a better sport then soccer because in soccer you can get hit in your shin. NOW THAT'S HURTS!! also you can get better balence in gymnastics. by Lilma09

In what ways are soccer players suited for soccer?

Soccer players have practice and gear. Here is a list of gear.Shin pads ( To protect the shin- a place that can be kicked easily, between the ankle and knee)Ankle guard (A glove like pad with hard padding to protect the ankle)Cleats (With a hard toe and back to protect from kicks)Goalie gloved for the goalie

What is the proper attire for soccer?

Player: Shirt, Captains armband (if you are captain), Gloves (if you are goalie), shorts, long socks, Shin guards, Cleats with NO spikes. Manager: Suit and Tie

What is the equiment for soccer?

You need shin guards, socks (long soccer socks to cover the shin guards), a T-shirt, shorts, soccer ball, and cleats.

What do you need to play soccer?

cleats, shin guards, cup ( if your a goalie ) a soccer ball, and 2 nets ( da goals ) or 4 cones ( 2 for each net ) You would need cleats, shin pads, soccer socks, a jersey and shorts. The socks,jersey and shorts you usually can get through the team but you need to buy the cleats and shin pads. If goalie you will need a goalie jersey and gloves if not supplied ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You would need to know the right rules for the sport, friends to play with, a ball to play with, a wide open area, different colored shirts to tell one team from the other, two goals, a score keeper, shin guards, the right shoes to play the sport with, drinks to keep hydrated, a nice warm day, some people to watch, and skills. Skills such has kicking power, team work, and passing skills.

Do you have to wear shin pads in soccer?


Common Injuries in soccer?

studded shin

What is the name of the soccer pads?

Shin guards.

Are shin guards a requirement in soccer?


Do you where shin guards for indoor soccer?

Its mandatory that you do

What are the pads for leg protections used in soccer called?

Shin pads or shin gaurds.

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