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Q: Is Ya shin or Massali better in soccer goalie?
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What is the name of the soccer pads?

Shin guards.

What is the name of the pads from soccer for legs?

Shin guards.

What are the equipments for playing soccer?

Jersey/shirt, shorts, shin pads, socks, soccer cleats, and a soccer ball

How do you wear soccer shin guards?

Behind the sock. There are different ways to wear them, but they are always covered by a long soccer soccer. Some players may use shin guard sleeves to help keep them in place, and others also wear a shorter sock under the shin guard as well.

What are the clothes worn to play soccer?

Outfield players where a football shirt which is esentialy a t-shirt with shorts, football socks which can come up to the knee and under them would be worn a shin pad to protect against hard tackles. The boots are basicly like track shoes but with roung studs on the soles to stick into the pitch fot traction. Goalkeepers will wear gloves to get a good grip on the ball.

What are the soccer items?

cleats shin guards long socks soccer ball jersey goal net soccer field

What are pads for leg protection called in soccer?

Shin pads.

What are Shin guard for in soccer?

If you get tacked in your shin so it does not snap back. Or if someone misses the ball and kick you... it really hurts.

What are soccer items?

You need a pair of shin guards (w/shin-sleeves or guard-stays if you have strapless ones), sliders, soccer boots, socks, and a uniform. Don't forget the ball, either.

What were the first soccer shin guards made of?

They were originally made of hay.

What items you need to play soccer?

Shoes,Shin guards and a ball

Why do they not make high top soccer cleats?

Because they wear shin guards and most of the shin guards go down to your ankles.