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Wilson and Babolats have many differences.

Wilson are mainly heavy and small head sized to create control. But do sell other racket types.

Babolat is mainly 300g and designed for heavy topspin.

It is up to the athletes own specifications of what type of racket he would like to use.

For example I use wilson, Babolat and Head to change my game when i need to in a match. At the moment i enjoy using the babolat to create heavy spin, but prefer the feel of a Wilson

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Q: Is Wilson racquet is better or babolat or babolat is better?
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Which babolat tennis bag holds the most racquets?

One Babolat tennis bag that holds 12 racquets is the Aero Racquet Holder; another is the Team Racquet Holder; and finally the Club Line Racquet Holder. These are the largest bags Babolat makes.

What make of racket does Rafael Nadal use?

Rafaels racquet of choice is the Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex Racquet.

What is the name of the racquet the Rafael Nadal uses?

It's Babolat. Don't know exactly what one it is but the brand is Babolat!

Which brand is the best tennis racquet?

Babolat is by far the best trust me they have a wide variety of rackets to suit every style of play BABOLAT IS THE BEST!

Which racquet is better Wilson k slam hybrid or Wilson venus serena 25?

Chuck Norris

What is the best brand for tennis rackets?

Wilson or head or babolat

What kind of brand is better for tennis?

It's not meant to be a specific type. It just has to be comfortable for you. But today the best ones are: Wilson, Babolat or Head.

What are good tennis racquet branches?

Some of the ones used on tour are Prince, Head, Wilson, Babolat, Yonex, Volkl and Technifiber. Good can mean a lot of things but the best way to see if a raquet is right for you is to demo it yourself. Most good tennis stores should have a demo service and it is usually free if you end up buying a racquet from them.

Is babolat one of the best tennis companies?

This question comes down to peoples opinions. Though they are one of the most successful tennis brand. I use a babolat racquet similar to the one Rafa Nadal uses and in my opinion they are the best in their field.

What is a better racket a Wilson blx tour or aeropro drive gt?

absolutely babolat prodrive gt. It has a much better technology such as the cortex system and the GT techonology that gives less vibration but better feel.

What brand of tennis racquet is the easiest for beginnersintermediates?

probably a Wilson or prince racquet, look for a headsize around 110 sq. in. and a lighter racquet

How do you stop your tennis racquet warping?

In general, you prevent racquets from warping by keeping them away from heat. One of the best ways to do this is to look at several models of tennis bags that provide heat insulation liners that you can store racquets in like Head, Babolat or Wilson to name a few.