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No Wayne Rooney is not a fan. Lionel Messi is a big fan of the Oasis.

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Q: Is Wayne Rooney a big fan of oasis?
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What is Wayne Rooney's fan mail address?

What is Wayne Rooney's official fan phone number?

Wayne Rooney does not have an official fan phone number at this time; however, you can send him fan mail at his official fan mail address. Fan Mail Address: Wayne Rooney Manchester United Sir Matt Busby Way Old Trafford Manchester M16 0RA UK

How much was Wayne Rooney sold for from Everton to Manchester United?

as i am the biggest Rooney and Manchester united fan he was sold for £30million

Does lil Wayne like the packers?

Yup, He's A Big Fan

What is Wayne Rooney's favourite animal?

Scottish wildcats are his to be precised he loves cats more than anything in the world he is really not a fan of dogs

Who is better Rooney or drogba?

Well, theoretically it depends on personal matter.For instance, for a Manchester United football fan the answer would be Wayne Rooney and the other way around.Personally, as a neutral, i feel that Rooney has shown good progression throughout his Manchester United days and therfore is the better player in this field position.

Did John Wayne like horses?

As odd as it sounds, Wayne was not a big horse fan. He really liked dogs much better. But he was always a big supporter of the welfare of horses that were used in his movies.

What celebritys have Facebook?

loads of celebraties have facebook including Wayne Rooney c ronaldo johney deep and cheryl cole but its finding the proper one not some crazed fan trying to mimic them

What are the release dates for The Mickey Rooney Show - 1954 Fan Mail - 1.17?

The Mickey Rooney Show - 1954 Fan Mail - 1.17 was released on: USA: 25 December 1954

What is Wayne Rooney's phone number?

Wikianswers does not divulge private or personal information, such as telephone numbers or addresses, for individuals. Only official fan contact, information or agent contact information may be added.

When did Wayne Rooney start at Manchester United?

2004. I know this as I am an Everton fan and thus very sad that he left. Hence the name, TOFFEE 96. It was on the last day of the transfer window in the summer of that year.

Who is biggest lil Wayne fan?


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