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the undertaker will return at Survivor series - reason: his picture appears on the 2005 survivor series poster with a caption next to it saying - this is the beginning of the end. another reason is that an advert on survivor series hints the return of the undertaker. the match is said to be a buried alive match or hell in a cell. if the match was a buried alive match he most probably will lose and return at wrestlmania. if it was to be a hell in a cell he would probably win at that would be the end of orton. undertaker will probs reurn and cost orton the title against batista costing him title and carry their feud going up to wrestlemania THE UNDETAKER WILL RETURN AT SURVIVOR SERIES AND WIIL BE INA MACH WITH RANDY ORTON IN BURID ALIVE MACH OR A HELL INA CELL MACH IF HE LOSES THE BURIDE ALIVE MACH HE WILL LEVE AND RETURN AT WRESTLMANIA OR IF HE WINS THE HELL IN CELL MACH THE THAT WIIL BE THE END FOR RANDY ORTON AND ORTON WILL LEAVE THE WWE AND GO TO TNA Wrestling.

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Q: Is Undertaker supposed to return at Survivor Series?
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Is undertaker go return at Survivor Series 2010?


When will undertaker return if he does not return at survivor series 2010?

He will defintely not be at survivor series and it won't be until at least near Wrestlemania.

When undertaker is return in WWE after wresltemania27?

survivor series 2011

When will the undertaker return?

at survivor series to fight mick foley at wrestlemania and then retire as a rapist

When will the undertaker return to WWE in 2011 or 2012?

he can return to wwe either survivor series or royal rumble or wrestlemania 28

Alfter looseing to edge at one night stand when will the undertaker return?

At Summerslam or Survivor Series 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will undertaker dress up as the priest?

it is believed by many websites that he will return by either summerslam or survivor series as the minister of darkness

Will rock return at survivor series 2008?


Will the undertker return?

He returned at Summerslam! and i think he will return at survivor series

Will The Rock return to Survivor Series in 2011?

Yes. It is being advertised that Rock will be back at Survivor Series 2011

Will Triple H return at survivor series?


When will the WWE return to msg?

Survivor Series 2012

When will john cena return?

I heard he will be back for survivor series.

When will Shad Return to the WWE?

in 2 months at survivor series

When john cena will return?

I heard he will be back for Survivor series.

Is the undertaker going to return at serivivor series 2011?

mabye not

When will Triple H return after fight with sheamus?

his return might be at survivor series or royal rumble

When is Undertaker back on TV?

He Is Supposed To Return At Vickie And Edge's Wedding I hope so

What year did undertaker return after being buried alive?

well The undertaker was buried alive by his brother Kane helping vince in 2003 .That time the undertaker had his last days as the American badass he then returned in 2004 when some of the wwe superstars were celebrating Randy ortons victory.The undertaker was buried alive again but i forget who it was who buried him and he came back in 2007 at survivor series to face Kane.

Who Thinks Undertaker Will Return then Answer you?

i think he will return because the undertaker said ''i will always return''.

Will undertaker return at unforgiven?

Undertaker may return at summerslam not unforgiven

Will undertaker return at edge and vickies wedding?

Its Supposed To Happen But He May Return At The Draft Eithier One Thing Is Certain He Will Return Probably Teddy Long can hire him back

When will John Cena return to WWE after Survivor Series 2010?

He has already returned as Juan Cena

When is john cena going to return on raw?

November 24, 2008. The day after Survivor Series.

Will Beth Phonix return to WWE?

Yes, Beth Phoenix returned at Survivor Series (2010).