Is Thrust SCC a NASCAR car?

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No it is not. A Thrust SSC car is a jet propelled car. A Nascar car is a stock car used for auto racing.

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Q: Is Thrust SCC a NASCAR car?
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If a Nascar race car raced against the Thrust SCC car who would win?

It would depend on the type of race track they use. The Thrust SCC car is built to go straight and would not do well on a typical NASCAR oval track. The Thrust SCC would do well at the Bonneville Salt flats.

Can a Thrust SSC car compete in NASCAR?

No. A Thrust SSC car is a British jet propelled car. It is not a stock car that is used in auto racing.

How fast can a thrust scc go?

It managed just over mach 1.

What is the car landspeed world record?

Thrust SCC achieving a land speed record of 228 km/h or 763 mph. It is the first car to break the sound barrier (speed of sound)

Is buggati veyron faster than thrust scc?

most definitely not. the bugatti has an advertised top speed of 252MPH, and while I am not sure of the record held by the SCC, i know that it is over 700MPH. the veyron *was* the fastest street legal car. however, it has since been surpassed by several others.

Is buggatti veyron the fastest car?

no, not anymore the car SCC ultimate aero is the worlds fastest

How many newtons are there in the thrust of a car?

45,000 N OR 4.5kN in the thrust of a car.

Who drives the Coors sponsored NASCAR car?

Currently, Coors does not sponsor a car in Nascar.

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What is the purpose of car sponsorships in NASCAR?

The purpose of car sponsorships in NASCAR is to gain more attraction and fans. In addition, the purpose of car sponsorships in NASCAR is to gain more support for race car sports.

Which one is faster a nascar car or a cheetah?

A NASCAR car will be more than twice as fast as a cheetah

When was SCC MohammΓ©dia created?

SCC Mohammédia was created in 1948.

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