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he sure is

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Q: Is Thiago silva the team Captain for Brazil's world cup soccer team?
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Who is the captain of Brazil football team in FIFA World Cup 2014?

Brazil's team Captain is Thiago Silva.

What happened to the ufc fighter Thiago Silva?

Thiago Silva is in jail for threatening his wife. Thiago Silva is a well known UFC fighter.

When was Thiago Silva born?

Thiago Silva was born in 09-22-1984.

What position does Thiago Silva play?

Thiago Silva plays as a Defender for Brazil.

When did Thiago Jotta da Silva die?

Thiago Jotta da Silva died in 2008.

When was Thiago Silva - footballer - born?

Thiago Silva - footballer - was born on 1984-09-22.

When was Thiago Silva de Paiva born?

Thiago Silva de Paiva was born on 1985-06-14.

What song did thiago silva come out at ufc 94?

Custom made song for Thiago Silva by Pregador Luo.

What happened to ufc fighter Thiago Silva?

The UFC fighter Thiago Silva is in jail. He is in jail for making threats to his wife.

What is the birth name of Thiago Henrique?

Thiago Henrique's birth name is Thiago Henrique da Silva.

When was Deives Thiago Santos da Silva born?

Deives Thiago Santos da Silva was born on 1982-04-01.

For what country did Thiago Silva play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Thiago Silva played for Brazil in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.