Is Thailand a good soccer team?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: Is Thailand a good soccer team?
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Does Thailand play soccer?

Yes. They have clubs in Thailand and a national team.

What is a good name for your soccer team?

Soccer Stallions ;)

What kind of sport teams are played in Thailand?

I am sure to believe after visiting Thailand 3 times and going soon that they have a soccer team and an elephant polo team. I think there the only teams that they have pro competitions for.

Is the Greek soccer team good?

There is no "Greek" Soccer team. I think you mean is Greece a good soccer team?? they're not great...they're a very average team...maybe lower than average

Is America good at soccer?

Yes they are good at soccer, but they are not the best team in the world.

Is Harvard's soccer team good?


Is Uruguay soccer team good?

Uruguay soccer team is currently ranked 12th in the world of best soccer teams. They also have a lot of good players like Sebastian Abreu and Diego Forlan. So overall they are a pretty good team.

What are Brazil's achievements?

good soccer team or should say worlds best soccer team and have a lot trophies

How does an university become division 1 soccer team?

become good at soccer...

Is soccer a very good sport?

Yes soccer is a good sport.I am a assisant coach of my little cousins soccer team so far our team has won every single one.I am proud of my team but especially my little cousin.

What do you rate the Egyptian soccer team?

B+ they are good

Which is the good team in Mexican soccer league?