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Stephen Curry is by far in the top 5 of point guards; he might even be number 1.

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Q: Is Stephen Curry a top 5 point guard in the NBA?
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Is Steve Nash the best point guard in the NBA?

No, Stephen Curry is.

Who is best NBA Point Guard?

Stephen Curry

Who is the best nba point guard of the 2015-16 season?

Stephen Curry

How old is Stephen Curry?

NBA point guard Stephen Curry is 30 years old (birthdate: March 14, 1988).

Who is the NBA 2015 regular season MVP?

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry won the 2015 NBA regular season MVP.

Stephen curry age?

Stephen curry is 26 years old. He is an American professional basket player.

Is Stephen Curry a top 3 Shooters at Point guard Position in the NBA?

Yes, stephen curry is by far one of the best shooters in the nba This list would be: Stephen curry ray Allen Kobe Bryant Dwayne wade Kevin Durant Chauncey billups Steve Nash dirk nowitzki kyle korver Jason Richardson Matt Bonner mike Bibby maybe lebron James

Who was the MVP of the NBA in 2016?

Stephen Curry

Who was the best player in the NBA 2010?

Stephen Curry

Who is leading the 2016 NBA MVP?

Stephen Curry

Who will be the nba 2016-17 mvp?

Stephen Curry

Who is the best nba player statistically?

Stephen Curry