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No Sidney Crosby is not dating ANYONE!

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Q: Is Sidney Crosby dating an abercrombie model?
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Who is Sidney Crosbys girlfriend?

As of April 2014, Sidney Crosby is currently dating model Kathy Leutner.

Is Sidney Crosby dating Kathy a model?

Most recently he was dating an American model named Kathy Leutner.

What model is Sidney Crosby's helmet?

Sidney Crosby wears Oakley VR903 Pro Straight Visors

What is the sexual orientation of Sidney Crosby?

Sidney Crosby has been dating woman named Gabriela Sern. She is an actress and model. This is why it was hidden for so long but they recently broke up. She was pregnant with his child and wanted to marry but he offered her money and they broke up. She miscarried the baby. He is NOT gay though.

Who is Valeri Roussak?

A hot model who gets all the guys and is dating an Abercrombie model

Who is Cheryl Burke?

Cheryl's dating Maxwell Zagorski, Abercrombie&Fitch model.

Sidney Crosby's role model was who?

Steve Yzerman Ben Roethelberger, Action Jackson, Francisco Rodriguez, Mark Hardy, Rick Tocchet

Does Sidney Crosby have a girlfreind?

NO! he's not even dating! Sidney Crosby got married in August to a mystery older British woman named Gabriela. She has been going by the name Stern but this is not actually her name. Nobody knows her real name. She is 58 years old and is an ex-playboy model. Sidney went through the process of converting to Judaism for the marriage. This is why he bought the house at 97 Pink House Lane in the same town where Lemieux lives. ( I forget the name) If you are interested in seeing his bride, you can find all about it here. There are even pictures of the lovely bride.

Is Cato from 'The Hunger Games' an Abercrombie model?

Yes, Alexander Ludwig (Cato) is an Abercrombie model.

What has Sidney Crosby done to make an impact on the Canadian Society in 2009?

well he is the best player in the nhl and he is Canadian. PLUS he won the Stanley cup :) He is a role model.

What qualification do you need to have to become an abercrombie and fitch model?

first you need to work at abercrombie or abercrombie and fith and be 18 or older

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