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No, Johnson will not be participating in the 2012 Olympics.

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โˆ™ 2012-06-14 15:57:39
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Q: Is Shawn Johnson going to 2012 Olympics?
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Does Shawn Johnson still do gymnastics?

Shawn Johnson does still do gymnastics and is planing on going to the 2012 Olympics

Is Shawn Johnson going to be in the 2012 Olympics?

Yah I think so

Is Shawn Johnson in the Olympics 2012?

Well actually you dont know that since were berly in 2012 and the olympics are berly going to start

Is Shawn Johnson going to do the 2012 Olympics?

Yes! Shawn announced her decision to train for the next Olympics last week (approx. 5/23/10). She will be postponing college, accordingly.

Is Shawn Johnson going to compete in 2012 olympics?

No. She has retired do to a knee injury. She injured herself while skiing in 2010.

Why isn't Shawn johnson competing in the 2012 Olympics?

Reoccurring knee injury

Is gymnast Shawn Johnson dead?

No, right now she is training in her hometown for a possible shot at the 2012 Olympics. she is not dead. shawn johnson is a perfect gymnastics player

How many times has Shawn Johnson been to the olypemics?

Shawn Johnson only went to one Olympics as a competitor (2008 Beijing Olympics). She made a comeback and tried to make it to the London 2012 Olympics but she made the choice to retire just before the USA Olympic Trials due to a knee injury.

Why isn't Shawn Johnson in the Olympics?

Shawn Johnson isn't in the Olympics this year 2012 in London because she wanted to take a break and she said she wasn't good enough and needed more training p.s. i hope she has enough train in 4 years by now!!

What medal did Shawn Johnson win in the Olympics?

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson won a total of four gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, including a gold medal in the balance beam. She retired from the sport in June 2012, just before the Olympic Trials for the London games.

How old is Shawn Johnson in 2012?

Shawn Johnson is currently 20 years old. :)

Is Nastia Liukin going to the Olympics in 2012?

well i think nastia luikin is because she has been training i am a gymnast on level 10 and i just got back from the gym people call me the next Shawn Johnson. well i don't know who is gonna win because Shawn Johnson has a lot of skills in gymnastics and i don't think she lost a lot of her skills

Is Shawn Johnson going to the Olympics in 2012?

At this point she says 2012 is really a big question. Shawn said she needs to have time to think over everything. She said that she wishes someone would just tell her which path to take (either to continue gymnastics or continue with other opportunies as they have been coming up). Shawn has been in the gym just kinda having fun, but not really working on anything serious at the moment.

Where are the 2012 Summer Olympics going to be?

The 2012 Summer Olympics are going to be held in London.

Does Shawn Johnson still dance?

Shawn Johnson learned to dance on Dancing with the Stars. She is not pursuing dancing in a professional way. Perhaps she will dance on vacation, or in her spare time, but just for fun. She is considering going back into Gymnastics so as to compete in the 2012 Olympics. She has not yet reached a decision on that. (as of 08/22/2009) She is still weighing all of her options that she has available to her.

Is Ellen Whitaker going to be in the Olympics 2012?

yes she is going to be in the olympics.

Is Kelly Holmes going to compete in the 2012 Olympics?

kelly Holmes is going to compet in the London 2012 Olympics

Where are the next Olympics going to be held?

The Olympics are going to be held in London in 2012.

When are the Olympics in London?

The Olympics are going to be in London in 2012

Is Softball going to be in the 2012 Olympics?

Softball and Baseball have been omitted from the 2012 Olympics.

Where is this years summer Olympics going to be?

2012 Summer olympics is going to be in London, England

Is Sarah walker going to the Olympics in London 2012?

Yes she is going to the 2012 London Olympics Answered by 5671238934

Is their going to be a bombing at the Olympics 2012?

no there is not going to be a bombing at the 2012 Olympic games.

When is the Olympics 2012 going to happen?

it is going to happen on 24th aprill 2012

Is Christine lee going to the 2012 London Olympics?

Christine Lee is not going to the 2012 Olympics because of a knee injury she had recently gotten.