Is Sharpay hot in real life?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Sharpay is definitely considered to be attractive in real life. Many blonde women in America are considered to be attractive.

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Q: Is Sharpay hot in real life?
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Does Sharpay really like Troy in real life?

Sharpay does not like Troy in real life. Sharpay and Troy are characters in "High Schools Musical", the Disney Channel movie.

What is sharpay evans dog called?

Sharpay's dog is called Boi but in real life he is owned by the director Kenny Ortrega.

What is Sharpay's real name?

so, you wanna know what sharpay's real name is, well, it's Ashley Tisdale.

What websites allows you to watch Sharpay's fabulous adventure 4 free?

sharpay is not her real name it is ashley

What is the real name of sharpay evens?

Ashley Tisdale

Is Malyssa Sharpay Evens?

Well she did act like her and she was very good at it. Well at a B-day party u had 2 dress up like a celebrate so Malyssa dressed up as Sharpay Evens.She was very good at it and could be her if she was older. She dressed up like her and looked just like her she was fabulous as Sharpay would say. But she really isn't :( but she could be. It is a sham but Malyssa would be able to be her in real life maybe as a actress but she is so much different in real life. :D-Ma-lis

Does Zac Efron like sharpay evens?

Are you referring to reality or the movie? In HSM, Troy is not interested in Sharpay. In reality, Ashley and Zac's personal life is not publisized.

What is sharpay Evans real name out of high school musical?

Sharpay evans real name is James Adam Rodriguez and played a singer in high school musical. he is a very talented person but his career has slowed down.

What sharpays email address?

'Sharpay' does not exist. She is a fictional character from a film. Get a life.

Sharpays real last name?

sharpay isn't real so she doesn't have a last name so her real name would be Ashley tisdale

Who does troy love in real vanessa or sharpay?

Zack efron loves vannesa hudgens and they date

Who is sharpay's boyfriend in high school musical?

from high school musical, Sharpay does not have a boyfriend but she likes Troy! x sharpay boy friend is troy Bolton