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Q: Is Sasha vujacic gay
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How tall is Sasha vujacic?


Who is number 18 on the lakers?

Sasha Vujacic

How do you pronounce Sasha vujacic?


Is it true that Sasha Vujacic and Kobe Bryant are friends?


What position does Sasha vujacic play?

shooting guard

Who wore number 18 on an nba team?

Sasha Vujacic

Which NBA players wear number 18?

Sasha vujacic

What NBA player has no tattoos?

Sasha Vujacic, Danilo Gallinari

Which NBA player wears number 18?

sasha vujacic - lakers

What is Sasha Vujacic famous for?

Sasha Vujacic is a famous Turkish basketball player. He has been playing professional Turkish basketball since 2001 and has played on four different teams. He has also played for the LA Lakers and the NJ Jets.

What country is Sasha Vujacic from?

Maribor, Socialist Republic of Slovenia, SFR Yugoslavia

Which player is known as a machine in team la -laker?

The "Machine" is Sasha Vujacic.

Does Sasha Vujacic have a girlfriend?

He was engaged to Maria Sharapova. They've split.

How many rings does Sasha vujacic have?

Vujacic has two NBA championship rings with the Los Angeles Lakers, which were aqcuired in 2009 and 2010. During the 2010 finals, Sasha Vujacic helped the Lakers beat Boston in Game 7 by making 2 crucial freethrow shots giving LA the lead over Boston with only 11.7 seconds remaining.

Who is Sasha vujacic?


What is Kobe Bryant's pre-game ritual?

He hugs Sasha Vujacic before every game.

Who has maria sharapova dated?

Maria as of recent has dated Andy Roddick, Sasha Vujacic and Grigor Dimitrov.

What does Sasha vujacic look for in a girl?

a girl that can make money, three pointers, and have a nickname called the MACHINE

Are the lakers going to trade vuajic?

On December 15, 2010, the Lakers traded Sasha Vujacic in a 3-team trade sending Sasha to the New Jersey Nets.

Is maria sharapova married?

Maria Sharapova is not married. Since 2009 she has been dating Lakers player Sasha Vujacic

What players wear number 18 in the NBA?

Marco Belinelli from the Golden State Warriors, Anthony Parker from the Toronto Raptors and Sasha Vujacic from the L.A. Lakers.

Famous athletes that wore number 18?

#18 Dave Cowens - Former NBA Player #18 Payton Manning - NFL Player #18 - Sasha Vujacic - NBA Player

Is malia obama gay?

No, there isn't any evidence that she is. You may have read that she and her sister Sasha were advocating to their dad to support gay marriage (marriage equality). But many straight people believe gay people should have equal rights. Sasha and Malia are not gay, but they have met some gay couples, and they wanted President Obama to change his views on gay marriage (which he eventually did).

Is Sasha Roiz gay in real life?

Sasha Roiz is actually straight. However, he did play a homosexual gangster on the SyFy series "Caprica."

Is Sasha Baron Cohen actually gay?

No, he is not gay. He is currently engaged to Australian actress Isla Fisher and has a child with her. he is only Gay in the movie Bruno.