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Q: Is Santa a Red Sox fan or a Yankees fan?
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Is god a Red Sox or Yankees fan?

Red Sox, He's god.

Red Sox Fan or Yankees Fan?

not true Yankees rockwill redeem this year

Who has baseballs biggest fan base?

Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs

What is the value of a Boston Red Sox game hat worn by Pedro martinez?

Zero if you are a Yankees fan.

Is Barack Obama a Red Sox fan or a Yankee fan?

A White Sox fan

Does Nick Jonas like the Yankees?

yesss he said his dream date would be at a Yankees game and where the Yankees beat the red sox...sounds like fun that really sucks because i don't like the Yankees ( I'm a big dodgers fan) but i really don''t like the red sox so it's all good i guess

Why is Ashton always wearing a Red Sox cap Is he a Boston Red Sox fan?

He wears a Red Sox hat because he is an avid Sox fan. I've seen him at games before.

Which MLB teams are the most popular outside of their home states?

either red sox or Yankees. according to hank steinbrenner the Yankees will restore order to the universe lol. (im a Yankees fan but i HATE hank steinbrenner)

Who is the best baseball team in ten and under baseball?

usually in any given season in the last 6 to 7 years it usually is the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox. As much as I hate the Yankees( red sox fan) I have to admit both teams are great. These two teams are the wealthiest in MLB.

Is Justin bieber a Red Sox fan or Yankees fan?

In an interview he did while making Fever Pitch, a movie where Fallon plays a die hard Red Sox fan, he said:"I was born and raised in New York so I've got to be a New York fan."In an other interview around the same time, Fallon said:"I was never really serious with one team. I was into the Mets because my Dad worked at IBM where he got free Mets tickets, so I was into the Mets ... then I got to "Saturday Night Live" where my boss has unbelievable N.Y. Yankees tickets, so he invites us to the games. I'm going to all the games, so I might as well root for the team I'm gonna go sit with. I became a Yankees fan for a few years. But now, I gotta say, I'm really rooting for the Red Sox."

Which team is the greatest baseball team in the US?

the New York Yankees r the best in the us honestly even though i am a red sox fan i will still say that

Who has the bigger fan base Cubs or White Sox?

The Cubs were the first professional baseball team to be broadcast nationally on television. This fact along with its rich underdog appeal has led to an impressive fan base that is spread throughout the United States and the world.