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Yes, Samir Nasri is the new midfielder at Manchester City.

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Q: Is Samir Nasri moving to Manchester City?
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Does samir nasri have a pet?

No, but he is currently dating tatiana golovin, a russian-born French professional tennis player.

What is Samir Nasri most known for?

Samir Nasri is most known for his footballing skills. He is a football player who currently is playing for Manchester City and he is also on the French international football team.

In which country was Samir Nasri born?

Sami Nasri was born in France. Specifically, he was born in the city of Marseille. He is a attacking midfielder, and currently plays for Manchester City Football Club.

How many goals has nasri scored for man city?

Samir Nasri has scored the following goals for Manchester City:2 league goals.1 cup goal.0 goals in Europe.

How many goals has Samir Nasri scored for Manchester City?

As of February 22, 2012, Samir Nasri has scored two goals in the Premier League and one in the FA Cup for Manchester City.

Who is the left midfielder for man city?

Samir Nasri

Who is the best man city player?

Sergo Aguero and Samir Nasri! ;D

Which players have played for both man city and arsenal?

Niall Quinn. Anyone else...? Andy Cole

Is Ivan Cordova moving to Manchester City?

He could be

What was the Manchester City lineup against Fulham on September 18 2011?

Manchester City's lineup against Fulham on September 18, 2011, reads as follows: 25 - Joe Hart 4 - Vincent Kompany 2 - Micah Richards 6 - Joleon Lescott 22 - Gael Clichy 19 - Samir Nasri (replaced by Adam Johnson) 18 - Gareth Barry 21 - David Silva (replaced by Pablo Zabaleta) 42 - Yaya Touré 16 - Sergio Agüero (replaced by Carlos Tevez) 10 - Edin Džeko

Is Manchester city in Manchester?

Yes, Manchester City is in Manchester.

How many times have Manchester city moved their stadium?

Manchester City played home matches in five stadia between 1880 and 1887, settling at Hyde Road for 36 years, moving to Maine Road in 1920, and to City of Manchester Stadium in 2003 - a total of seven stadia.