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Q: Is Sacin Tendulkar called The Little Master?
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How many centurys sacin tendulkar?

Sachin Tendulkar has above fifty centurys.

Where the sacin tendulkar village?

harche lanja ratnagiri maharastra indian

What is Sachins Tendulkar's favourite bat?

sacin tendulkar served his country for 24 years and holds the record for highest runs in test as well as one dayers,he is the only player who has 100 centuary in his international carrier he prefrebally used the mrf tyres sponserd bats

Who won the bharat ratna award in 2011?

sacin tendurkar

Individual highest run in test cricket?

Brian Lara who scored 400 not out vs England in Antigua in 2001. That is the highest score by any batsman in the history of test cricket. Yes i agree. sacin Tendilker is the highest rungetter in test history

When sachin fathers died after two day against which team sacin did century?

Sachin scored 100 against Kenya during 1999 world cup. While he came to india to attend his funeral, India lost to Zim in the tournament. Ind won the next match against Kenya with the contribution of Sachin.

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