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Q: Is Rutledge Wood related to Nascar's Wood brothers?
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What is Rutledge Wood's occupation?

Rutledge Wood is a/an Auto racing analyst ,nowrap,TV show host,

What is rut's real name from Top Gear?

Rutledge Wood

When was Wood Brothers Racing created?

Wood Brothers Racing was created in 1950.

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What material did the wright brothers use to build a airplane?

the wright brothers used ballsuel wood

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Raoul yes

What color was the Wright brothers airplane?

Wood color.

Evan rachel wood related to Elijah wood?


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No, they are not related.

What are the release dates for The Wood Brothers Live from the Gothic Theatre - 2013 TV?

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What does the wright brothers plane look like?

wright brothers made it in 1903.It looked liked they made it in wood.