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yes Rugby is one of the most exiting games to play because you dont want to get hit if u are running but you want to hit if the other team has the ball but it is extremly painful because their is no pads

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Q: Is Rugby the most exciting game to play?
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Is there a rugby union Wii game?

sory, there no rugby game for psp,but rugby rock i play it everyday in school.

Which game do the all blacks play?


Why is rugby a fun game to play?

rugby is fun because it fells like freedom

What is a bad reason to play rugby?

Rugby is the game played in heaven. Fact. A bad reason to play then would be if you were a satanist

Which game play with seven member?

rugby sevens

What sport do most Tongans play?

Most Tongans play Rugby.

Why didn't girls used to play rugby?

because netball was their game and rugby was too rough.

What is the average time the ball is in play in a rugby game?

Rugby game is required to have the ball in play all times. So the answer would be 80mins.

What is the name for the most exciting part of a play?

The climax is the most exciting part of a play. It is the moment when the conflict reaches its peak and the outcome is decided.

What is evony about?

Its a very good game most people quit early on but if you play long enough it becomes very exciting

How was the fist team 2 play rugby?

It was Rugby School 1823 where the game was developing in its earliest stages

What is the weight for rugby?

Players of all sizes play the game