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that is an opinionated question but, no i think paul is much better

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โˆ™ 2009-11-19 02:11:03
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Q: Is Ron Artest better than Paul Pierce?
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Is Joe Johnson better than Paul Pierce?


Is Allen Iverson better than Paul pierce?

This is no contest- Paul Pierce is clearly better. Allen Iverson has had a great career, but not as good as Paul Pierce- championships speak volumes. no Allen is better No Allen iverson is not compared to the points and strength of paul pierce

Who is the best out of Kobe Bryant and paul pierce?

Kobe Bryant is way better than paul pierce no question about it..

Is Gerald Wallace better than Ron Artest?

yes Gerald is better than Ron Gerald is a star

Who is better Dwayne Wade or Paul Pierce?

Dwayne Wade is better than Paul Pierce because D Wade is still somewhat much athletic and actually tries but Pierce on the other hand doesn't and he misses tons more shots than most players. So D Wade is so much better and he is my favorite player!!

Who is older ray Allen or paul pierce?

Paul pierce is much older than ray allen

Is Ray Allen better than Paul Pierce?

Ray Allen actually makes his shots unlike pierce who has a funky shot and misses all the time

Is derrick rose better than paul pierce?

Pierce is one of the top 15 players in the NBA. Rose although promising, has never made an NBA All Star game. My answer is no.

Who is better paul pierce or lebron james?

i go with pierce because pierce let the celtics in to the championship in 2008 and have more points than james, more clutch than james, more rebounds, more assists, and james never let a team to a championship. james can only dunk pierce can dunk, rebound, lay up, clutch, and shoot three. so you can compare them pierce is way better than james

Is paul pierce better than Kobe Bryant?

Statistically speaking, no. Kobe Bryent has both better personal and team statistic in both game, season and career stand-points.

Is Paul George better than Patten Siva?

Is paul George better than patten siva

Is paul pierce better than Dwyane Wade?

Paul pierce is better than dwyane wade because Pierce is a clutch player, take over play like lebron, and he is more of a teamplayer. On the other hand wade, turnsover, and misses jump shots constantly, and continues to shoot even when he knows he cant hit the shot. Even though I dislike Pierce, I hate Celtics. Dwyane is my 3rd favorite player and he is not that good. I jus like him because he is on my home town team. Lebron is my ngguh. Bosh my dawg. Dwayne Ehh

Is Jake paul better than Logan paul?


Is chris paul better than Michael Jordan?

Chris Paul is just a little better than Michael Jordan. Chris is better at 3s and handling.

Is Chris Paul better than Kobe Bryant?

Kobe is better

What are facts about Paul Ryan?

better than biden

Is Michael Jordan better than Chris Paul?


Is paul george better than lebron James?

Yes, Paul George is better than lebron James. lebron James is known as the better player in the world 'cause he had played in a very important team, but at singular level, Paul George is better.

Can LeBron James beat Paul Pierce?

Without a doubt, and very easily. LeBron was more athletic than Paul Pierce even before high school. He is essentially the perfect basketball player: he has the ultimate combination of speed, size, and strength. Paul Pierce, while he may have a more reliable shot at times, is not as tall, quick, or strong as LeBron, and would easily lose.

Is an Epiphone Les Paul better than a Gibson Les Pau?


Is Rondo better than Chris Paul?

They are the same but currently rondo is

Is ash better then paul?

It depends on what your definition of "better" means. Paul has trained for far longer than Ash, but Paul is a snob. That is why Paul abandoned Chimchar... Because he was to "weak" for him. But Ash is definitely stronger willed, and most likely to become more powerful than Paul. But, of course, NOT a snob.

Who is better Logan Paul or jack Paul?

LOgan because he been in a movie jake hasn't also logan is better Youtuber than Jake.

Is Kobe better than pirece?

of course that pierce thinks he is better than Kobe he is a dumb idiot. he is not eveen the top 5. kobelebronwadechris pauldwight Studies show that Pierce is a CRY BABY WIMP!!!!!!!!!! Kobe can make a left handed half court shot and make it. Answer your question?

Is paul rodriguez better than Ryan sheckler?

no Ryan is better Ryan is not better than P-Rod! paul rodriguez has soo much more style than sheckler, he can also bust out any trick in swith as in his normal stance....goofy. Ryan was a young sensation but paul is a better all round skater. it really comes down to personal opinion. mine is definitely paul rodriguez!!!