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Tennis, it's is one of 4 major tournaments and it is in France

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No, it's a tennis stadium.

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Q: Is Roland garros a tennis player?
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What sport is related to roland garros?


Which sport is played at the Roland Garros Stadium?


Where does Roland Garros take place?

The French open tennis courts 'Roland Garros' are in Paris, France.Cit.:The French Open is a major tennis tournament held over two weeks between late May and early June in Paris, France, at the Stade Roland Garros.(French: Les Internationaux de France de Roland Garros or Tournoi de Roland-Garros)

What sport is played at Roland Gorros?

Tennis is played at Roland Garros! (French Open)

In which city is the Roland Garros tennis stadium found?

Paris France

What tennis stadium in France is the French Tennis Open played at?

Stade de Roland Garros. Roland Garros Stadium. Here's a website that will give you more information on the place.

How you Watch Live RoIand Garros Tennis Online?

2014 RoIand Garros France Tennis Live Streaming the best players in the world will gather at Roland Garros Sunday, May 25 and ends on Sunday, June 8

Who will win the men's title at the French Tennis Open at Roland Garros stadium?

Roger Federer

What is Roland Garros's birthday?

Roland Garros was born on October 6, 1888.

What is the airport code for Roland Garros Airport?

The airport code for Roland Garros Airport is RUN.

When did Roland Garros die?

Roland Garros died on October 5, 1918 at the age of 29.

When was Roland Garros born?

Roland Gaucher was born on April 13, 1919.