Is Robin Ramzinski a real person?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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He was an American professional wrestler.

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Q: Is Robin Ramzinski a real person?
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Is the wrestler Robin Ramzinski still alive?

The movie "the Wrestler" is entire fiction, portraying no one. Despite critical reviews, there is no real Robin Ramzinski, merely a composite of various older wrestlers of the World Wrestling Entertainment franchise. Various wrestlers have been suggested, but the fact remains that no one wrestler is the pattern for this character.

Is randy ram Robinson still alive?

His real name is Robin Ramzinski No it´s not. Randy the Ram is fictitious. The film is based on various wrestlers.

Is Robin Hood's ghost real?

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Was robin hoood a real person?


Was Robin Longstride Robin Hood?

Robin hood may have been modeled after a real person, called Robin of Locksley.

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Both. He is a real person that has grown into legendary proportions.

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Robin Hood was a real person in the 15th century, but many tales of him are fictional.

Is Robin Hood a real man?

Robin Hood is a heroic outlaw in English folklore.There is no evidence that he actually existed as a person.

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In the wrestler who was mickey rourke's daughter?

Stephanie Ramzinski played by Evan Rachel Wood.

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