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John Cena will be the winner I think John Cena should be winning this match .He is a better champion then Randy Orton in any case.John Cena should be winning and I am a hundred percent sure that John Cena will win in any case . August 13, 2008 Well since Orton is injured and neither one of them are the champ and they are not Wrestling each other at SS the answer would be neither will win i think randy orton will cheat cause his fighting is not good and he broke batista arm and the only thing john cena did that was carry the big show

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Q: Is Randy Orton going to beat John Cena at summerslam for the wwe championship?
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Who is going to win the WWE championship next?

Randy Orton

Who is the miz going to face for the WWE championship at the royal rumble?

Randy orton

Who is going to win at summerslam 2009?

Punk, Christian, Rey mysterio, MVP, Jerishow, Kane, DX, and Randy Orton

Who do think is going to win the WWE championship?

Randy Orton because he is sneaky viper (called).

Who is going to win in night of champions 09 for the WWE champion john cena hhh or Randy Orton?

Randy Orton is going to win, he will drop the title at Summerslam, but win it back, and hold it until wrestlemania 26 where he will face batista and cena in a triple threat match.

Is Randy Orton going to lose to the miz at royal rumble 2011?

Yes, The miz will retain the wwe championship

Is Randy Orton going to team up with Kaitlyn?

Randy Orton is not going to team up with Kaitlyn

Is John Cena going to win at breakingpoint 2009 for WWE championship against Randy Orton?

No-one knows for sure but John Cena is in a great form right now so I think John Cena will beat Randy Orton!!

Was Randy Orton a marine?

Yes Randy Orton was a Marine however he was dishonorably discharged after going AWOL.

Is Randy Orton going to TNA?

No. Definitely not.

Is Randy Orton going to get What is coming to him?

of course he is

Who is going to win summerslam for the WWE championship?

john cena