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Is Rajon Rondo's father Dominican?

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โˆ™ 2009-05-07 20:51:34
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Q: Is Rajon Rondo's father Dominican
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Who was rajon rondos favorite basketball player when he was a kid?

Rajon Rondo

What is rajon rondos number?


What is rajon rondos full name?

His full name is Rajon Pierre Rondo.

What is rajon rondos tattoo of?

NO tattoos failure

How old is rajon rondos daughter?


Rajon Rondos Favorite TV Show?

Rajon Rondo Loves to whatch Bet Hipop

Who is rondos girlfriend?

Rajon Rondo's girlfriend is Ashley Bachelor.

How long is rajon rondos wing span?

Rajon Rondo is only 6-1 , but he has a 6-9 wingspan!

How old are rajon' rondos kids?

He has one daughter, Ryelle. She is 3.

What is rajon rondos weight?

He is listed on the Celtics roster as 6'1" and 171 pounds.

What is Rajon Rondo's parents' names?

Rajon Rondo's mother's name is Amber Rondo . Nobody really knows his father's name because his father left the family when Rajon was 7 .

Is rajon rondo's father Mexican?

No his father is not Mexican

Who is rajon rondo's father?

Mr Rondo

Who is Rajon Rondo's father?

Mr Rondo

Who is Rajon Rondo father?

Mr Rondo

Is BJ Armstrong Rajon Rondo's father?


When is Father's Day celebrated in the Dominican Republic?

Father's Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in July in the Dominican Republic. 28.5. :)

Is don Omar half dominican?

Don Omar is half Dominican. He has came out and said it. However, his mother is not Dominican, she is Puerto Rican. Don Omar's Father is Dominican.

What has the author Dominican father written?

Dominican father. has written: 'Dominican tertiaries' manual' -- subject(s): Catholic Church, Dominicans, English, Liturgy, Prayer-books and devotions, Texts

How many rings does Rajon Rondo have?

rajon rono has no rings

Is don Omar dominican?

LOL at that answer. No, Don Omar was born and raised in Coralina Puerto Rico. He is Half Puerto Rican and Half Dominican. His mother is Puerto Rican and his Father is Dominican.

What is the birth name of Rajon Rondo?

Rajon Rondo's birth name is Rajon Pierre Rondo.

Which parent of Jermaine Defoe has Saint Lucian roots?

Jermaine Defoe's mother was Saint Lucian. His father was Dominican.

Who is rondo's girlfriend?

Rondos girlfriend is Ashley bachelor

What is irv gotti ethnicity?

his mother is black....father is dominican