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yes earvin has brother name quincy met him persnally in early 90's in culver city califrnia at than Earvin "magic" johnson's condo.

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Q: Is Quincy Johnson magic Johnsons brother?
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Who is magic Johnsons family?

magic Johnson had a family

What is magic Johnsons real name?

Ervin Johnson

What is magic Johnsons whole name?

Magic Johnson's full name is Earvin (no middle name) johnson.

What is magic Johnsons sons name?

Earvin Johnson III

Magic Johnsons net worth?

Magic Johnson's net worth is $500 million.

What are Magic Johnsons interests and hobbies?

Magic Johnson's interest is in finding a cure for HIV and Aids worldwide.

What is Magic Johnsons full name?

I do believe his full moniker is Earvin Johnson

What were magic Johnson's siblings names?

Larry Quincy Evelyn

Is Larry Johnson the ex-NBA player Magic Johnson's brother?

Magic Johnson has a brother named Larry; however, from information that can be found, Larry Johnson, the ex-NBA player, is not his brother.

How many brothers did Earvin magic Johnson have?

Earvin Magic Johnson has 1 brother named Larry

Is Larry Johnson the ex NBA player Magic Johnson's brother?

No they won't

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magic johnson is famous for basketball. I feel sorry for his wife cuz he has no balls. Unlike me i have big balls and a penis to go with it. Hollar-*. .-*-*

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Earvin Magic Johnson brother, Larry and wife Linda Johson reside in Sandy Springs, GA.

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his gayness

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The Magic Hour

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magic Johnson magic Johnson

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111115vg h

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